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  • dlhild Mar 21, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    Can gas replace metallurgical coal?

    Can gas replace metallurgical coal?

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    • No it can`t. Met which is made into coke is a reducing agent in the furnace. It is there to reduce the iron oxide in order to collect the iron. As the coke burns it removes the oxygen . You can heat scrap steel but not the raw mineral like hematite. Coke is carbonized coal. All the impurities are baked out of it. This removes the tars,oils and gases but doesn`t burn the carbon content. Before we had Met/coke they used charcoal from trees. It got to a point that all the forest were being cut down to make charcoal. Met coal was your first truly green product but I guess your sierra club and green peace workers today don`t take time to look at what they are protesting about. Better to blow off the top of a mountain than to burn the whole forest I say.

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