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  • ascorch ascorch Aug 23, 2012 6:07 PM Flag

    ANR chart. Looks like rock bottom in yearly chart.

    what do you see here in the chart????

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    • jondow69 Aug 23, 2012 7:52 PM Flag

      i ee that ANR, blwe through it's 10+20DMA and is below its 50/100/200DMA?
      ACI, drove through it's 10+20DMA is above it's 50DMA?
      BTU, is above it's 10/20/50DMA?
      and the best ? CNX? it's above its 10/20/50/100DMA?
      conclusion? ACI/ANR, do to there low stocks prices are being pushed around by a HFT's who owns a lot of shares. ps BTU+CNX, had much lower volume than ACI/ANR, again, ACI+ANR, because of there low stock price, are getting man-handled, they drive it up$1.-$1.50 a share, hang around theat level, then wammo, pull the rug, and volla! new bagholders. near EOD, i bought small position in ANR, that is the key, if you buy into stocks in the low volume market, at least buy in small positions, do not go all in, you will regret it! see what happens tommorow!. i'm down a couple of pennys. not sweating because of a small position.
      pspsps-if you look at the 1 hour chart of ANR, basicall had a hollow green bar between 1:30-2:30, so it went up that hour, but closed lower! the last 1/2 hour, they brought it to its low of the session. see what happens tommorow, if the S&P pulls back, say hello to ANR pulling back also. oh yeah, i have 250 shares of CNX, wish i would have bought more at 27$, i thought it was going lower. now thats a co. anr? again, the HFT's control this coal, maybe there keeping er down, till after labor day. jmo!

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