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  • benstevens75 benstevens75 Nov 7, 2012 7:57 AM Flag

    JRCC to report today.

    Let`s hope they do good. A house divided can not stand. That is what we got last night. Never have I been let down so much . Half of this country did not care about the last four years. In four years we will see if that half is proud they elected a communist back into power. Very sad . Enjoy your president because I do not claim him and this is the first time in my life I feel things will only get worse in America. Maybe it is time for some of the states to break away from the union because it looks like this country is in two camps.

    One camp that wants free condoms and free choice to kill a unborn child . To take from the working class . The other camp that believes in family values and hard work. Guess in the end you will see some of us go to Israel and help fight against Obama`s Muslims because he is going to turn his back on them. Get ready folks because Red Dawn is going to be real in America.

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    • Oh, give it a rest Ben. I like and respect your discussions and wealth of knowledge about ANR and the coal industry at large, but go see a doc about your ridiculous paranoia... it diminishes your expert credibility and alienates people who you should be trying to encourage to look at ANR. Who knows how many of them go away shaking their head in disbelief.

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      • Right on!

      • Well, guess who shows up - the one who is paranoid about people being paranoid - a term you use a lot. And you only show up to insult. Not give a meaningful opinion but just let everyone know - how much better you are than them. You apparently don't like anyone's opinions except your own - but you have none... other than to slam and insult, belittle others and remind people how great you are.

        You don't talk stocks or politics you just rile, and complain and whine about others posts. Not because of their positions but because you don't like that they attack others and so you attack them - that is absolute hypocrisy.

        People would rather deal with extreme positions they disagree with, than an arrogant, judgmental, hypocrite. Just read you own posts. You have an elevated view of yourself and look down at others.

        Thanks for coming down from your ivory tower to pass judgement once again. You know some people can only prop us their own diminishing self esteem by tearing down others.

        You talk about credibility - Ben has earned his. Whether you agree with him or not. You have none. You will never get any by attacking others, ridiculing them and blaming them for doing exactly what you are doing - ah but you're special.

        People try to be reasonable with you and still you just judge.

        You have few tools in your tool belt. You whine about others. Use words to belittle, diminished.
        Prop yourself up so others will think you know more than them. You don't.

      • He cant give it a rest because I really believe he has some serious mental issues. I am really starting to wonder if the FBI shouldn't check him out because Lord knows what idiots like him are capable of.

      • They are not alone because after last night I am shaking my head in disbelief.

      • There will be NO restraints now on EPA actions, water discharge, greenhouse gas, etc. The Congress is so dysfunctional, they can not stop Obama's "Executive Orders". $ 1.1 trillion per year in additional debt X 4 years... Welcome to the decline and fall of America, managed by a Marxist.

    • The number of Arab Americans (oxymoron) with their signs during his speech was a bit more than disturbing.

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