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  • manakawari manakawari Jan 21, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    chap nat gas in the usa is just the beginning

    there is a very clear reason asia pays so much for nat gas and we dont, supply and demand. before fracking, us gas prices were a lot closer to the rest of the worlds, we developed fracking and because it was so successful, it will cause the bk of the majority of jr nat gas companies, margins will never again be as high as they were before fracking and as a result most jr nat gas drillers will go belly up, now i posted links showing that china and europe are now beginning to follow in our footsteps and you will see a similar drop in nat gas prices..... to assume or suggest that , even with an asian or european abundance of nat gas via fracking techniques, nat gas prices would still be as high is so stupid i wouldnt believe you even if you suggested it, i would rather think you are refusing to admit what you already know/ my point was, low nat gas prices domestically are being blamed for coals lack of performance and i am simply making the point that low nat gas prices are here to stay and what you should really be concerned about it when asia and europe have equally low nat gas prices through fracking., that would be the nail in coals coffin as lower gas prices in china would devastate coal seeing as how low prices in the USA have already been do destructive,.... anyway, you can choose to bury your head in the sand, if you are a recent buyer, you have a good chance of making some money and we toy around here, but make no mistake, this will see new lows and go bk. i cant post links but feel free to google fracking in china and europe, they already have gotten to go ahead and projects are starting as we speak., global nat gas prices will start to plummet in a year or two...

    since this is a spec stock, and since they are losing money, value is based on the ability to show future profits, the future, like i point out, only suggests a new normal for nat gas and that is a low price, to assume prices will ever rise back to tehy were before fracking is being dillusional, its a whole new ball game and that game is throw a rock and i bet it hits a nat gas reserve, its everywhere thanks to fracking and costs only what it takes to get it from the ground. cheap nat gas in asia and europe is coming soon and it will destroy coal!

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