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  • jjms34 jjms34 Mar 11, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    I Agree with Jimtorpet!!!!

    I am not here to bash the longs are create any hostility but I do agree with with Jimtorpet.....When ANR first released there earnings and the SP spiked I made a comment of how it would not last but alas I was called names...well what happenned??? the SP pulled way back and did break it's uptrend...Now with the recent spike you can e xpect the same thing. The underlying fundementals and economic conditions for coals will certainly cause major financial pains for ANR yes they have cash...and are doing the best they can to survive but will it be enough???? how long will this last and believe me with all the partying going on ...on wall street with daily headlines new highs ....record broken again and again....someone is going to get burned real quick here......and when the fed HAS to raise rates Look out!!! ..I think the DJIA will be at or below 13500 before the end of the year......the easy money has been made and the party will end......we all have an opinion whether long or short....I believe the SP declines all year with temp spikes....I am short here

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    • thats a great fundamental analysis, vlad seems to love technicals and they also look terrible im my opinion as well, head and shoulders break down followed by a short pop and now decending channel, earnings gap filled, next oversold indicator will be in the 6s, markets at all time highs and anr is breaking down, outlook for coal is terrible , qe ending before anr can come close to being profitable , huge debt load will be satisfied at the expense of shareholders, this stock blows..its as close to a guaranteed short as you can get. vlad is a clown, he has no idea what he is doing..daytrading is for the birds, its a guaranteed way to lose money, you can beat the computers, the longer time frames are better, not as easy to manipulate, but this trying to nail a trade to a penny on a 5min, in a stock as weak as this is suicide. secondary offering will be announced any day and anr is breaking down before hand, if this is in the 6s by end of the week(and i think it will be) and then you get some kind of secondary announcement, this could be in the 5s by week end

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