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  • sfvip sfvip Jun 26, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    wise just said he is short all coal stocks

    watch for short sqeeze, not at these levels i won't short it for 10% downside and 100% upside, watch him be forced to cover once we break todays highs

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    • Wise seems to be one of the smarter guys on Half Time, so, when he talks, unlike Cramer clone Stephanie Link, I listen.

      I am starting to wonder if Cramer owns CNBC, being that the network has him and Link permanently "linked" to its stock analysis programs? IMO, not a "wise" decision.

      However, with Jimmy C pouncing on coal, maybe the time is right to buy some more?

      He was wrong on housing for more than two years, wrong on Sprint for at least a year, wrong on APPL. Those three wrongs reflect a stock guru who has no idea what the hell is going on.

      I know people make mistakes and two people can have different opinions, however, when a person projects the image of being an expert and the advice offered is wrong on major matters, then, a prudent person would have to wonder whether the advice proffered is useful or what was the ulterior motive for dispensing seemingly inaccurate advice?

    • I saw that. Said "short ANR and all coal stocks". Shows you how negative the analysts are on coal. I follow 6 coal stocks and all are at 12 monthly lows today. Most are at 10 or more year lows. Tough day for coal stocks. Probably not yet over..

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