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  • elkster08 elkster08 Jul 17, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    The Street

    I have a suspicion that the Street (Cramer) is in the tank for Obama and the coal shorts. I am an amateur conspiracy theorists but my suspicion here is based on something Cramer said about coal a few years ago. He said it would go "endlessly down". The only person who would know that is someone who had the financial muscle to endlessly "short" the industry. The Street will only put out negative stories on coal. I would bet some of the bashers here are from the Street or from the hedge funds it supports. Street writes a negative story, the hedge fund shorts the stock and the crooks cash in.

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    • Today another negative story from "The Street" on ANR. Let's start counting them. We'll know they are done playing with this stock when The Street goes positive. Should be December of 2016 if we get a Republican. The Democrats platform for the 2016 Presidential election will be painting the Republicans to be in a war against the environment. If that doesn't stick they always have the war on women to fall back on.

    • It is obvious a large short position is the Street and the hedge funds that the street are talking heads for...many articles released by the street on coal these days. Always biased towards the downside although anymore downside and we go to zero. Cramer is the biggest POS and should be in prison. Any good news is overlooked and any negative is immediately written and published immediately. When they are long you will know and it will be in near future.

    • What would you expect him to say if you get someone in office like Obama claiming he would bankrupt folks if they build a new coal plant? Look at coal stocks at the end of the last Democratic presidency. It doesn't take a genius to put it together that Democratic presidents are not good for American industry.

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