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  • capeandkeys capeandkeys Feb 10, 2009 10:09 AM Flag

    Re: bashing of the new hire

    let's limit any bashing of the new hire to either bashers who have an MBA or who attended a school similar to Yale University or Holy Cross. Otherwise it reminds me of the overweight drunk at the corner bar yelling at the professional players for dropping a pass. I always find that type of criticism from those who are not doing to be pathetic. Look in the mirror and ask if you are truly worthy to bash this new hire. Good luck.

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    • i thought i'd add a note that adding new hires in general, especially in recessionary days, is very bullish sign the company isn't looking to cut costs on lowering outlook. but rather an uptrend in sales.

      Especially a company that realizes that they are working with limited funds and over budget on the WB buildout.

      I expect good news on operational costs once the plant gets swinging into full capacity.

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      • good point, while some companies's management line their pockets with funds from their treasury, COIN continues to INVEST in their long term growth....payoff is coming....conference call not too far along either....avoid financials, the rest of the market seems to be hanging in especially also is in rally mode. good luck.

    • Conjecture based slander is just the Devil's work and is a bad surrogate for intelligence based due diligence and facts.

      But lying for your own gain is truly evil.

      But then, if one is willing to be a Rump Ranger, is there anything that person wouldn't do? Well, probably tell the truth or bend a few neurons to understand what the hell they're talking about.

    • that's funny. i was looking to see who was bashing the new hire and realized all the cockroaches who play their own agenda here at no ends are on my ignore list and hence can't read any bashing. Poor me.

      Keep adding new id's. You're so pathetic, even the cockroaches are embarrassed to call you one of their own.

    • Consulting dollars have dried up and Mr. Flannery has taken the "any port in a storm" tactic and hired on with COIN. Most likely a pittance of a salary. Makes you wonder what's wrong with th rest of their sales force.

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