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  • eightysixhumboldt eightysixhumboldt Mar 17, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    Mkt cap at 7 mil. ..surreal with a trend

    of homegrown fruit and veggies. I llke the new fish product offering and recent news flow coming out. A trend is beginning to slowly hit mainstream, I think too much discount is written into the stock price/mkt cap. Would welcome reasonable debate glt long or short.

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    • But Derek, the lizard wants to win one just once! He's got that to look forward to because it sure hasn't happened yet!!! I sure wish he'd give us a few more picks, I need some new short ideas, but he won't throw any out. I guess the sting of the slap on COIN has taught him to just puke,mewl and whine which is all he's good for. But he is entertaining!

    • I have more IDs than you, More than Any One on this message board, My boss tells me that is the way to make my lies stick. I pretend to have conversations with myself to make believe I am really a smart person. But I am not.


    • 86,

      This stock was trading a lot higher in the Fall when everyone was expecting 102.5 tons of first article production on 010109. Why didn't it happen? Let's look at the management decisions behind the fall of COIN Q109:

      The original lisenced technology EATAD bore a royalty direct cost, but at the time was part of the original plan against the promise to deliver on 010109. A second technology HTLC however had no royalty payment, good yields and low energy usage, and for it, COIN won an award.

      They had so much money to succeed in a never been proven venture and added business risk by not watching the checkbook. For example, how is it a facility that was supposed to cost under $20 million costing over $40 million? If I had the answer to that, I could charge for my posts!

      Consider the original promise delayed from 010109 until yesterday where 132 tons represent a filling of their most significant order to date. Hurray! However, the news itself was perceptively already priced into the market in afternoon trading yesterday as people realized yesterday's PR just summarized it. Damn. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

      Within the upcoming quarter then, and early within it, I expect to see daily production numbers and a gradual ramp up to original promises. Question is,

      1. Will they come clean about their production issues?
      2. Will they provide guidance on production?
      3. Will they have enough cash to do so? Latest infusion $2mil with $100k weekly burn rate.
      4. Will they organize into a professional firm and capture the market?

      I invite others to contribute questions here. I'm confident COIN management is reading.


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      • Taking a gander at what might be going on.

        I believe the decision was made to build out Woodbridge to its most productive state. There were problems with the technology, it was corrected, and that correction cost both in time and money. (this is what we have gathered so far) Why is the question? And my answer to this question is that they are paying for it now to make Woodbridge the logical cash cow they need. And a healthy Woodbridge will ultimately allow COIN to both get out of debt, and build other plants.

        Remember, the NJ plant will cost about twice as much as other plants due to labor cost, which is the main reason that they are going thru cash like my wife did at the mall this weekend.

    • 40 million mkt cap or 4 million. Risk favors reward plain english. Organics is kicking into geer, if everuone is raving about farmland being a good investmnet than farm products valuations should have same premium thats all I'm saying. Ok 8 million, 10 million, I still think the risk favors the long at this point in time. jmho

    • Read some recent SEC docs and you'll notice that the last reported share count was around 8.2 mil. But none of the longs here will tell you that because it doesn't help the pumping case.

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