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  • groans33 groans33 Aug 14, 2009 11:34 AM Flag

    Any Guesses On The 10Q?

    I think they will still have a gross loss and eat 2 mil in GSA minimum. The good news is there are more shares so the loss per share should drop dramatically!!!

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    • 1.8 mil in cash and a 725,000/month burn rate stated at the end of quarter. Big Ed's gotta get COIN Airlines on the tarmac or in the Mystic by 9/15 'cause he's almost out of fuel!!!

    • Davey,

      Just finished reading the entire 10Q

      Yea, the stench fine is up to near $400,000 but they are appealing/negotiating. Still don't have a release from the environmental commission of the stink --- but "they" say the problem is solved.

      So $227,000 of sales so far from Woodbridge at a loss of $2 Million plus. Since they say Gonzales sales went to Calforinia AG, that means the Home Depot, Whole Foods, the Craberry folk, and the garden center wholesaler togethr bought less than $227,000 of product! OMG

      Loved the legal section. It mention three significant cases. They stated the liabilities arising from each were impossible to estimate so THEY DIDN'T ACCRUE for any of them. LOL

      Then there was that vast G&A reduction of over a million --- achieved by reallocating those charges to COGS. !!! Bwa ha ha.

      They also improved current liabilities by reassigning some of there bad debts to long term liabilities.

      Did you catch they claim to have signed a lease for the RI property and have been paying ten thousand a month rental on it.

      Could write so much more. What a friggin disaster.

      But the churn churn churn goes on even tonight. LOL LOL

    • Did you notice the stench fine? And both the stench lawsuit and Armistead lawsuit are unresolved. Why would anyone own COIN who didn't regularly bet on the 50 to 1 ponies down at the horse track?

    • Technoretropseudospud Technoretropseudospud Aug 14, 2009 12:23 PM Flag

      Well, I can assure you it will be ugly. Last quarter they lost almost 4 million dollars. They have never EVER made a single penny.

      This company is NOT a start-up. Woodbridge was supposed to be up and running 2 years ago. These guys don't have a clue.

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