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  • penndot2142 penndot2142 Feb 13, 2010 9:20 AM Flag

    For those of you who are new to this board.

    Noone forgot about you, you ain't worth mentioning, you should have accepted your poor trading years ago, and took another position or moved on, rather then still have the mental agony of a poor decision you made. sunk costs are apart of a business as such, u bought into the early hype and the $8 reflects the hype not the opportunity. Current price reflects entry point for growth for large sunk cost production. The time is now, you obviously have that as a gut as thats why you are lurking here now likely. Im not saying this will get to $8 anytime soon or ever, I am saying this is buying time and growth will happen soon if it were to happen ever. Exposure and market share aren't over night (except maybe for tech), it takes time, not shortlived hype time, but long good product producing results time. A) get over the past and move on B) jump in the game and see if what you believed in before is still here, but your ego or expectations were off, and you accept that, and still believe in the COIN. Worrying about past lost, is the basics of a gambling problem. Overcome that and take a fresh look, and it will be invaluable in many ways, whether u take another position or not. Having the mind frame of well I lost thousands on this stock and id need to double that to be happy with this, isn't a conducive view, its self defeating and pessimistic. If you feel that this is a good entry point and maybe things are looking optimistic and growth is near, then jump in, but jump in not with expectations of recovering lose, but jump in if you feel its profitable to your suitable degree, not the 'needed' degree to recover loses associated with 'this stock'.

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