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    • There is a guy I always pay attention to on another board that is very good at technicals.

      He claims the bull market right now is in gold, and that the stock indexes "may" give up 50% of their recent gains.

      I don't own any gold and don't plan on buying any, so it means nothing to me.

      I'm planning on buying a banking index like XLF next week. I have been seeing the insiders at banks buying shares regularly, while most everyone else looks to be selling.

      An added benefit is, if one bank upgrades a competitor, there is almost always a little professional back scratching that follows.
      I don't want to bother picking a stock from the group.
      I don't understand banks, they take my money for free, and when I want some they try to charge me for it.

      There is still some very undervalued stock out there, but they are getting harder to find.

      Just look at what the insiders are doing and follow their lead.
      I have been playing a few penny stocks lately just for fun, but the real money is invested in undervalued smallcaps where I have found buying.

      Good Luck

    • Kay, I agree with your opinion.

    • HLTH has some things going for it. While you could have made a lot nore on QVDX picking it up in the 1s and dumping recently, HLTH has a better long-term future IMO. QVDX is nothing more than a short-term trading stock. HLTH on the other hand, contrary to my previous opinions, could very well be a keeper.

      Let the games begin...

    • You are welcome. Also the chart looked great even before today as it tested successfully the 50 day ema ahead of the earnings/CC.

    • Thanks Turbo--I've read your posts for a long time so will look into it. I agree that energy is another good hedge. Just got to decide how greedy I dare get without getting too stupid!

    • You want a hedge against the dollar and inflation? Try an oil and natural gas exploration independent.

      Swift Energy SFY - operates in the USA and New Zealand. Its natural gas contracts in NZ are fixed price and are priced in the local currency which is appreciating and approaching just the 15 yeaar average against the dollar and Although NZ NG prices are lower than in the US the costs to operate there are lower as well. Last earnings report and CC were very encouraging and did beat easily. Only 27 million shares o/s. Institutional ownership running over 80%. NAV at north of $14 not factoring any exploration success or infrastructure (processing plants, pinelines etc. DO YOUR OWN DD and BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. I rarely make these kind of posts, this is not spam.

    • Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't mind having a little gold/silver with the way this administration is handling things and as a hedge against the dollar weakening more. The silver stocks I have been watching (SSRI,PAAS,HL,CDE,SIL) sort of got away from me before I bought any so hate to chase them but silver could go pretty wild with so many contracts held short. It looks like the market isn't going to do much (except maybe go down) for awhile so am not looking to buy much right now. HLTH may be worth looking at

    • investing in CA real estate right now. some good deals out there, especially up north. quick turn around. turbo convinced me to buy HLTH awhile back and while i went in short term, i sold a good amount, but still hold some, may keep it long, i like what they are doing.

      also, keeping my eye on EMC. had some previously that i made a 50% return on (held less than 3 mos.). looks like something is happening there that may warrant another buy.

      don't know much about gold/silver so i stay away from that. what's your take there?

      QVDX showed some promise with last results, but will be awhile before they get to a point where it means something to most on this board. too bad, there was lots of promise at QVDX - except it turned out to be OPUD, not UPOD. i still watch the stock, but not sure i'll ever get in again. i'll watch for windows advice, made a lot of money here with his guidance.

    • Pick your entry point carefully. QVDX has been dropping steadily since the earnings run up to $4.20. My guess is that it could hit $3.25 before stabilizing. Much depends upon the overall market. The good news is with MCTR fetching $3/share, QVDX should bring at least $4-$5 in a buyout scenario. Good luck!

    • Welcome back Window!

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