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  • chickens_are_yardbirds chickens_are_yardbirds Aug 16, 2001 4:54 PM Flag

    HCDC owner couldn't trade yesterday


    I've owned HCDC for about 3 years. The merger was very good for those of us that bought HCDC in the 5's and 6's and watched the stock languish in the low 1's for a while.

    I held it to see what would happen after the official merge date.

    Yesterday, when we were near the high, I signed on to my account to trade my converted XCAR and found that I couldn't because my broker hadn't recieved what it needed (converted shares?). So yesterday, I could not trade HCDC or XCAR. I was forced to hold and watch the XCAR runup.

    If there were others like me, then today was a lot of HCDC owners selling what they could not trade yesterday. Some, still at a loss.

    Now that they have been flushed out.(I'm still holding) We may see some more upside.

    Good Luck

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