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  • LT2211 LT2211 May 28, 2008 2:21 AM Flag

    Phase 2 of doubling stocks pump

    Starts today........Hang on to your hats........

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    • Look at the last quarter balance sheet and income statement of this company. Good luck, boy. Which bank and when shall I see you?

    • bbbb May 29, 2008 11:18 AM Flag

      the difference between those other deals and uomo, is that uomo is a real company, with real reputeable people, and real contracts etc etc ...did i mention real big potential...

      i'm not sure why people spend time on these message boards if they are spending all their energy slamming a company... unless of course they are trying to short the deal

      im waiting for phase 3 and hopefully phase 4 and 5 of this so called pump.... by then the company should have some big revenues....what phase would that be considered ? lol

      see you at the bank !!!

    • what does "pump" mean? push-pull (Phase 1): push-pull (Phase 2) ... until nothing comes out. Sucked dry. See runu, vngm, vdti, etc ...

    • Macdaddy and LT2211 have it 100% right. It is almost a sure thing that the game Cohen is playing is pump for the ganstas to short sell into and than watch out as the suckers run for the exits. In this case it is quite clear that the decline is likely June 1, given that the Con job ends May 30th. Further I am convinced that the short selling is being accomplished by naked shorting. In other word once the selling starts they will keep feeding it with stock that doesn't exist and they have no intention of buying back until it is in the 5 cent range.

      Believe it..... watch and learn

      Good luck and don't be the last to the exit.

    • ""Not paid for sending out a bunch of emails.""

      Say what???? Emails and their website IS the way they promote the stock......

    • dotheyplayontheeastcoast dotheyplayontheeastcoast May 28, 2008 1:48 PM Flag

      read the email that they sent with the recommendation of UOMO. It says clearly that they received $50,000 for the promotion of the stock from May 27-May 30. Not paid for sending out a bunch of emails.

    • Do those who have the Marl program get in before even phase 1?

    • Always have two phases. Phase one is the paid subscribers Phase 2 are those email addresses they have cultivated off their website but not paying members.

      Take VDTI, it went from 37 cents to over a buck between both phases.

      It's now 7 cents.

    • What and when was phase 1?

      • 2 Replies to wilkes71
      • Trust me, this stock will be in the teens within 2 weeks! PUMP and DUMP! Doubling Stocks is a SCAM! This is the 1st pick they've EVER had in which the pump actually worked out. But it had NOTHING to do with them. It was purely because they lucked out with timing that was UOMO's news. Anybody can pick 100s of stocks and have one go up. And, of course, that's the one they tout. I received 3 emails from Doubling Stocks as to how great they are with this ONE lucky pick. Meanwhile, their other recent picks: MTTG - down 99.9 % to under a penny. RUNU down 90% to a nickel. ETNL down 50%.-- they send NO emails telling anybody how wrong they were. And when emailed, they send back a canned answer saying they're not responsible. In fact, they were PAID big money by UOMO to tout their stock - just like the others. They have NO magic computer and they make NO picks. They only make deals with fraudulent companies to PUMP. Most times their PUMP fails completely. This time, there is short term success, but, trust me, the long term is DISASTER!

      • Phase one was the week of May 20th

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