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  • pitchertp pitchertp Mar 23, 2004 2:41 PM Flag

    Don't care for this lack of ANYTHING!!!

    A really shitty day today. Charts breaking down. I hate to say it but looks like we are going to be going down some more in the near future. Unless some good pr. It's been over a month DW, throw us a bone. Still holding 33k. Almost bought that 17k today but I think we're going to keep drifting south for the near future.


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    • Now all you have to do is tell us who you used to be.

    • How far south do we drift?

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      • I'm no expert but that 200 dma may just have to be tested. YIKES. Don't really want to see that, we have held pretty steady for the last couple of weeks but we are on very shaky ground here. Geo political events and general market malise, don't help. Many are going into defensive plays and abandoning the small caps for now. All negative stuff and can really make you want to pull your hair out. A nice pr, contract wins, with real numbers would help. That's what I'm counting on. All this IMHO and probably not a good opinion because I'm a little mental today. Good luck to all. Peace.


    • This baby has been riding this POS for two weeks now. What makes you think it is going to break down now? One would think all of the weak hands are gone!

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      • I'm just frustrated like everyone else because of the lack of information, news, breathing. I don't have any inside info as to why I think it might go down. I'm kind of like, if I think it is going to go down then it goes up. A reverse pyschology mentality. I should be happy we're going down because I want to buy more shares but I have allready invested a larger portion of my portfolio than I should have in this stock. I'm not looking to trade, in for a longer haul but I just hate the lack of ANYTHING from the co. in the last 5 weeks.

        Some of the so called strong longs are probably starting to get a little weak right about now. I'm long but not as confident in this co. as I was say last OCT.