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  • solarae solarae Oct 18, 2007 2:45 PM Flag

    This is why CX is down on the sell news

    Housing is not the only use of cement. California recently passed a huge bond issue for major infrastructure work.
    Bridge inspections have slated many bridges for replacement across the country etc.
    Long Cemex, Edy

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    • I have heard that "infrastructure" story for far too many

      Besides, do you have any idea how many bridges would have to be built during the next 12 - 18 months to compensate for the drop of about 1 million housing units??????

      you could ask Mishka to do the math for you.

      • 3 Replies to thebigbutt2001
      • bigbutt, you do need help with math that's for sure. I would love to hear your theory one more time about how a stock dividend is dilutive to shareholders. Please, please, please show us that math again.

      • BUTT,

        I will acknowledge, you DO have a point on the "infrastructure" argument: it is poor one, and way overdone.

        On the other hand, "houses" is NOT the only thing that IS NOT "public spending" that utilizes concrete, nor IS the "commercial" the ONLY construction activity aside from "housing AND "bridges". Take a stroll around any city, and observe, given you observe well, you will notice IT.

        AND, most important of all: the stock of any multinational company, tends to discount future earnings more effectively than conventional theory states, bringing value into the present at a faster rate. Value that many investors might not even be aware it is OR will be there, thanks to a continuous make reversal in correlated sectors.

        Take it or leave it (what I state above). I still hope you stick to your word, and quit the posting if it goes above whatever price you said you would disappear.

      • I've been looking around my house for concrete. I see lots of wood, plastic, copper wire, stuff like that. There's just a little concrete in the slab. Multiply it by 10 million and it's still a little concrete. Texas is embarking on massive infrastructure improvements as well and I suppose you could argue that it's just Texas, but we're approaching 30 million people (10% of US pop) and growing rapidly, as is California and other places. Throw in the fact that the housing slump is temporary and the future does look bright. Time to break out the sunglasses.

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