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  • JWBOilT JWBOilT Feb 24, 2005 3:36 PM Flag

    The Street Article on OIS

    The Street is a phucking worthless publication. It is a bunch of day traders plot useless and non-sensical lines on a stock chart. The Street offers very little insight on why its highlighted companies will outperform the market. Instead, it quotes a bunch of technical analysis jibberish that any scientifically educated person would know is bunk.

    Nevertheless, OIS is a buy.

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    • You are sooooooooo right as to the being worthless. I cant imagine how they got to be so big with such dribble. I think they are public now as well, yes? I myself have a website which i make recommendations that deal primarily with reits and oil and gas and I cant get 5 subscribers a year with a 50% 2003 and over 40% 2004 track record. Ahhhhh, I guess when you have big advertising dollars and a slick website, you dont really need to produce results. Me, I am long and strong on CHK,BHP,PGH,NFI,EQY,LUM,JOE,MVL and a few others. Will be buying SU,PCU and OIS this morning.


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      • Bottom line is: there are a LOT of dumb ass day traders who think that they can accurately guess the daily or weekly movement of share prices. Time and time again, it has been shown that nobody can consistently do this, just like nobody can consistently forecast a roulette wheel. So when this goofballs at publish their garbage, people jump at it. In some cases, cause and effect are reversed because enough people read that garbage. TheStreet doesn't give a shiite- they're making money.

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