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  • frnk61 Jun 7, 2013 11:31 AM Flag


    Ladies & Gentlemen:
    In my humble opinion nothing of any consequence is going to happen on the upside until concrete evidence that this company is capable of making meaningful monies and earnings. The names of the BOD and the consultants are meaningless as in most cases they are like Obama who have not had any experience in running anything let alone a corporation looking to become a player in an industry. Take for instance how long this company has existed with Norman running things (nothing to speak of). He appears to me to be a fellow like a college professor. In this day and age that gets you on the subway with a token.
    In the past I have invested in start up companies some of which have won and some of which have lost. I have invested in private placements and won some and lost some. No matter how you cut it, the name of the game is you are gambling like in Vegas and should not gamble unless you can afford to lose. Players a lot bigger than us have been wacked pretty good and it also stands to reason that the small guys get hurt the most.

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    • Frnk- We all appreciate your experience and viewpoint but I must respectfully disagree on a few things. First, name one micro cap company that has a BOD and Advisory Board with the breadth of experience and influence that LaserLock has. Second, I suggest that Norman himself recognized his shortcomings and in order to move the company forward brought in partners including VerifyMe and others. Bringing in Mr. Ballard in particular would serve to alert those who might otherwise attempt to run roughshod over patent rights on proprietary systems to respect the process. It seems like in a maturing and cutthroat industry like this one recognizing this need is prescient.

      I agree with you that a small company traded over the counter is a risky proposition. It seems that most seasoned investors have come to the realization that the stock market in general is a rigged game against the little guy with instantaneous trading, insider knowledge and lack of transparency. Yes, one should not play unless they can afford to lose. All that said, I'd like to believe the potential here makes up for the inherent risk. Time will tell.

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