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  • stayundertheradar stayundertheradar Mar 1, 2005 11:52 AM Flag

    IPT vs. PCTY

    I'm sure we all are wondering just what the heck happened after a decent earnings report. I did a comparison of "vitals" of IPT vs. PCTY
    Here is the comparison:

    PCTY IPT % of PCTY
    # of Stores 249 45 18
    2004 Revenue 516MM 64MM 12.5
    Operating Income 4.6% 1.45% 31
    Net Income 2.7% 1.5% 55.5
    Stock Price 12.64 0.71 5.6

    Conclusion: IPT way under valued! When IPT digests capital invested to grow to maximize inventory systems the report will glow. I put a 12 month target of 1.60-2.25/share. Long and strong here!

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    • I have to disagree with your conclusion.
      Net income in dollars:
      13.9 MM 0.96 MM 6.9%

      This is close to the 5.9% ratio of stock price.

      My conclusion: Stocks are roughly equally valued.

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      • Today the valuation is in line based on comparing net income only. My outlook is 6-12 months. The net income, was diluted in large part to capital investments. I base the 12 month stock price at 1.60-2.25/share mainly on number of stores and revenue comparisons. Both companies compare in terms of gross profit on sales dollars. IPT will make up the lost ground on net income within a relativly short period of time. When that gap closes we are looking at a comparable ratio of 12-18%. This does not include new store openings. Again, this is a stock that could easily produce a 100% or greater return on stock investment at this current price. Good luck to all!

    • Think any will sell this month? Last year after the earnings report a few took some shares off the table.

      Just pulled my 70 cent bid. I'm curious how far the pps will fall with no support from the longs here. Yes, I will own your shares this time next year.

      My new goal - Accumulate at least a 1/4 MM shares by Oct. @ an average price of 50 cents. If PPS drops below .35 I will own the company (I will close out my value account and Mortgage/sell some property to make it so).

      Yes longs, Bull will be the CEO/CFO. My only requirements will be -> take us private and do something with that freakin' web site. lol