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  • manfrombeach manfrombeach Dec 15, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    Feel Sorry For Longs Who Held AAMRQ Until the END Because ...


    There never was a straight answer for the AAMRQ to AAL conversion rate. After all, this was a BK stock and there are no promises or someone you can complain to if you don't get the $15 per AAMRQ share that was the best guess (or wishful thinking) on this board.

    When I recommended everyone to sell (when shares were still above $12) before AAMRQ ceased trading, I was accused of being paid by a hedge fund, etc.

    I hope I am wrong what I think will happen next, but good luck to you folks at the 30, 60, 90, 120 day marks.

    Live and learn....

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    • Having never been in a BK stock before I was nervous and sold between 12.30 and 13. I got in at bottom and never had a stock with this much value I needed to get out and diversify my holdings. AAMRQ was a life changer for me. But I agree it would suck had I not sold but this is the risk with BK stock. that's the market some win some don't. I don't remember anyone feeling sorry for me when I lost on other holdings.

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      • todd_walker2 Dec 16, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

        I am a LONG. I bought my first 300K+ shares at ~$2.40 in August. I added another 100K+ on the way up. I am LONG and very glad that I did not sell at $12.30. First, I would have been eaten alive by Obama's new tax rates. Second, I would have missed out on the ~20% unrealized appreciation that I already have in my valuation, and I would not have the upside still left in this stock in 2014. My plan is to cover (approx. 90% of the value of) my position with puts as soon as the conversion period is complete and sell in August to reap a LIFE CHANGING gain and only pay long term capital gains. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR US LONGS. Because I am long and will stay long for most of 2014, I will be retiring when my youngest graduates HS in 2 years. THE LONGS ARE COMING OUT AHEAD, AND MAN DOES IT FEEL GREAT!!!! GO LONGS!

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    • choyeung Dec 16, 2013 12:42 AM Flag

      I don't understand stand why this post have 3 dislike, what manfrombeach say is a real situation now. Who did guarantee anyone anything? The point is people just don't want to face the truth.

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    • When your mom asks you to go to college (for that matter to school) no one could give a straight answer as to what you will make of it. Some people are right to keep away from certain things in life.

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