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  • changmpark changmpark Feb 18, 2014 10:32 AM Flag

    AAMRQ Holders


    For the past few days, we long-term holders had to put up with you so called investors taking profit at whatever the cost. Thanks a lot. Sell your shares and get out early if you are going to sell. Do not interfere with the stock trend. You ARE NOT investors. Do not kid yourself. You got lucky on one trade. Take your profit early and GET OUT.

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    • Please, please stop "whining".

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    • Obviously strong investors do there DD, and research, but don't we all just get kind of lucky at some point?

      I am not sure why you are so #$%$ off. Especially because you should of known being that you are a seasoned trader, that creditors would sell off their stock after each distribution. I don't know, you sound like you might have some sand in your gina.

    • So you're mad that people took profits, and then you end your statement by saying to sell the stock? I got in at $4, sold half AAMRQ for LCC before merger, and kept the rest to see the distributions. I haven't sold a share since. You also need to keep in mind that it's not only AAMRQ holders, but former creditors that are selling at these distribution points. Also, each distribution adds more shares to the float, essentially lowering the price a bit. Here's an idea: Sell your shares before the next distribution and buy the drop. You've obviously figured out the trend. BTW, tickers should be in CAPS, not commands or accusations. Good luck to all!

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    • Checking the other airlines at the close, AAL fared much better than the rest. Nothing to see here. Move along.... Move along.

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    • todd_walker2 Feb 18, 2014 3:49 PM Flag

      Hey munch head, I am an AAMRQ holder and have more stock than most on this board, probably including you. I am holding for a long time. There are many others like me. Most have not been selling in this time of profit taking as the volumes have been very low. Get a life. BTW, I am a killer investor! : )

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    • In other words, your rant could be summed up: "Get off my lawn, whippersnappers!"

      I'm one of the AAMRQ investors. Yes, it was a bit of a gamble, but I had a strong gut feeling that I would really regret it if I didn't invest at just over $7. I figured that over a 6 month period, I might make 50%. I think it's going to be closer to double.

      Yes, I have sold my first distribution. I still think American will go up a decent amount over the next year or two. I sold the first distribution worth in order to diversify my investments again.

      However, I took the second distribution and bought January 2016 $25 AAL call options with it. I will probably sell the third and fourth distributions to diversify further.

    • Try blaming the weather and keep some dignity

    • It is a rare, almost nonexistent, occurrence for a stock to continually climb. AAMRQ/LCC have both had spectacular gains the past year. A roller coaster ride is to be expected. Seasoned investors know that. In the past week we have had a terrible storm on the East coast, the 2nd AAMRQ distribution, stock options expiring and oil prices slightly trending upwards. It is remarkable that AAL is barely off it's high as we speak!
      The trend is still in place. Just be patient. The stock will still climb. My guess is after the 4th distribution is over and those who want to sell....sell.....The rest of us can sit back and watch the stock surpass $50 this year and in 2015 make a run for $70 plus.
      But, things happen. Maybe the next bear market will hit soon and it won't hit $40 anytime soon. Who will you blame then?

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    • and who the hell are you? azszss hole

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    • What is your problem changmpark? Have you heard of "free market" People are here to make money. Think for a minute what you are about to type. Everyone that is buying and selling contributes to this economy and to the most complex game in the world. Show some respect for short term INVESTORS! Go read some books about Economics!

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