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  • mwizbad mwizbad Mar 22, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    Right Management is a JOKE!

    Have you seen the recent leadership changes at Right Management? They've got some guy named Jeff Gerkin who came from Manpower Staffing. He is now the SVP/GM for Right Management and is responsible for all sales in the Western United States. I went to LinkedIn to read his profile and the guy has virtually no sales experience at all. In fact, an entry level sales person working at Hertz Car Rental has more sales experience than Jeff Gerkin. Unbelievable! Jeff Joerres and Owen Wilson have got to stop smoking crack cocaine. These moves are absolutely ridiculous. Jeff Gerkin has never even been a salesperson but somehow he is qualified to be an SVP/GM responsible for sales? No wonder sales are so bad for Manpower and Right Management. It's bonehead moves like this that make you scratch your head and go...WTF!!!

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    • The issue is leadership. The company has a plan and the leadership is executing it as intended. For those of us who are stockholders, we should expect outstanding earnings and dividends. It maybe that we just do not understand the benefits of many of the recent appointments, changes in direction, annual Sale Department re-orgainizations and hence why we wonder. We just do not have the mind power to understand the value of all of the refinements taking place in this leadership rich company.
      It is a company of stable and focused management. Staff enjoy their jobs and feel enriched each and everyday under the guidance of integrity grounded management. Employee satisfaction continues to reach new levels of rankings. Staff want to remain with the company and turnover is not a concern. It is a case study for an extreme example of how leadership can impact an firm. This is the most morale and ethical company you will find. It sets the standard for company achievement.

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      • Mikereed811,

        I don't know where you get your information from but I can tell you that morale is horrible and people are jumping ship left and right. The Manpower group of companies change management like I change underwear. The majority of their leadership team is as useless as useless can be.

        They've got this guy in North Carolina by the name of Mike Doyle who I swear to God is the reincarnation of Gomer Pyle. He looks like Beetlejuice. The guy went from a Recruiter to a VP/GM.

        What's next? A janitor becomes a Regional Director?

        Regarding their ethics, I can share you one story after another that proves they have no ethics.

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