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  • darbyflier darbyflier May 27, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    .30 today - within .05 of .25 target

    called when the stock was much higher, way back - price has behavior that is very clear at time.

    EVERYTHING else here is noise - all you "team" members can have you epic battle, your stories - understand yet why I always say the only enemy or win/loss in the market is between you and your own actions?

    All kinds of conspiracy theories about me come out at times like this over at ihub - quite amusing.

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    • It is so funny how wrong you are. I don't work for a MM. Those stories you have in your head will continue to get in your way of making gains. Best of luck.

    • PAID to incite panic amongst SQUEEZE holders

      yeah I'm just one of the IDIOTS following a proven strategy, if anyone reads the sticky notes on IHub, they will come to the conclusion that the HERD is a good mentality to stave off the PREDATORS that the MM's send out to cull us------YOU DARBYFLIER

      hundreds of posts by you to debunk the "DIOTS" here, who spends time doing this and doesnt get pad for their time, no one but an agenda driven, MM paid employee

      your posts show ALL the indicators----(like your charts do, although charts are notorious for not predicting FLD's, and are purely hindsight replays)----of an obsessed HERD predator hired to break the HOLD of the IDIOTS minds, keep getting paid, your employer NEEDS you, they're losing the war

      YES this post is an "indicator" of your oft-used excuse for a "HERD" ATTACK on you, but lets use hindsight to pinpoint your tendencies, just the FACTS about the "DARBY indicator" CHARTS we at CDIV are looking at, BUSTED for the new readers here....

    • Look at the volume on CDIV in June '09 out of nowhere - those are the "promoters" who need the story to keep enough volume to get out. Even at .40s it is a great profit. That is typical on these - large spike of huge volume out of nowhere some months before the promotion, hype and run.

    • corndog,you need to get your head out of darby's azz the smell is makin you sound more of a fool than normal,so now you know when people have bought?..bottom line "killer" is when i sell at $5.00 i'll come by and give you a lil

    • corndogs,who wrote that post for you?.not to many mis-spellings for your's,by the killer cdiv was bought at .01 for me,unlike you boiler-room boobs i can prove

    • Well said.

    • Hah....the post does reveal alot. I'd rather be Darby than the poor fool who posted that message, since he/she has already lost half their capital.

      There you go again DKeller, in trying to make your point, you only demonstrate that you can't see the forest for the trees and are "the greater fool".

    • i'll let this post say it all,

      Posted by: taxxx Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010 9:43:19 PM
      In reply to: darbyflier who wrote msg# 127190 Post # of 127303


      to be honest...ive been reading your posts for the past month and following what youre saying...and frankly...its a whole lot of garbage...there is no method or reasoning behind the arguments that you make? charts leave price footprints? i know traders on the floor of NYSE and they read some of your posts and laughed. I used to do charts for CDIV...ill give you a bunch of links to my charts...guess what? they DONT WORK for CDIV day to day because there are so many countless factors that arent normally involved in a play...yet your price footprints say that this thing is going to .25 .... thats such an easy statement to make.. its always easier to bet that the stock is going to fall than the stock is going to for entry entry point is around the .60 mark ... at the time i entered with the information i had ... did i make the right decision... hell yes i did... as they say hindsight is 20/20 and u exploit that so well .... i think that your time here is quite up and you should find somewhere else that actually wants you to post on their boards.....and since u consider yourself so good... ur the one going and buying KATX after a 400% run up ... thats just stupid penny-trading no matter how good the company... so please... do everyone a favor here and just stop posting... its only around 50% retrace from its HOY ... CDIV retraced from .13 to .01 from .715 to .36 as of today....really isnt anything... have a good day... $1+ coming one is getting my shares under atleast $5...

      THIS IS FOR YOU...

    • There you go. I post in real time and stand up to them right or wrong (so far batting 1000 on CDIV):

      http:// investorshub.advfn. com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=48162048

      http:// investorshub.advfn. com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=48462294

      http:// investorshub.advfn. com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=49070831

      http:// investorshub.advfn. com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=49078201

      remove spaces for links

    • "Wouldn't all this silly banter go away if you just could prove it"?

      kinda like your gain's prove it,can't then all noise.

      lol,your such a tool,it's really starting not to be fun abusing you,kinda like pickin on the fat kid at school just to

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