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  • juliearcher31 juliearcher31 May 30, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    Questions that seem to get deleted from IHUB....

    Here is a list of questions that I keep trying to post on IHUB but always seem to get deleted within minutes. (And a few facts).

    1. First of all, CDIV is on the top list of most active message boards (on ihub). Why? because the stock has so many people interested in the stock? No! Its because 1 person will same something like, "I just ate dinner" and then 10 people write back what they had for dinner. The same 10 people contribute to about 3/4 of all messages posted.

    2. Nobody seems to talk negativly about the stock. Why? They actually do, but the moderators are very fast at deleting anything that is not positive.

    3. Should we be following the CDIV charts? When the chart looks good people on IHUB post charts and praise the chart. When It looks bad they say that its a "FLD" and we shouldnt pay any attention to the chart? Hmmm, im confused.

    4. Are we hoping the pps goes up or comes down? Again when it goes up their is alot of people saying "Good job team" When it goes down, the same people say "Good job team, now we can buy cheaper, this is great" Now im very confused.

    5.They know how many shares the "team" is holdoing? How, because they said so? I own 800 trillion, did they count them? Anyone can say whatever they want. (I dont really own 800 trillion, shhhh.)

    6.Are the MM,s really scared? They make it seem as if CDIV is the only stock the MM,s ever seen. You guys do realize that their are thousands of stocks the MM's make money on everyday. So if they were to lose money on CDIV, they would just make up for it on the next day. Big deal.

    7.If the MM's controll the price and can do whatever they want, why dont they just bring it down to 000's where they can cover millions quicker?

    8. Do you really believe that MM's are stupid and dont know what they are doing? I believe they are a little more educated than the "team"

    9. So, what did the asians say when Monk went to Asia? lol. Thats a new one. Ohh, by the way, I went to Asia 1 day before Monk, and told them they shouldnt buy. (not really)

    10. Do we know that Monk is not already selling off his shares to all of the newbies coming into this stock? Why wouldnt he? He has already made thousands and thousands of percent on his money. Is it because he said he didnt? When it comes to large amounts of money, im sure most people would lie to other people that they have never even met.

    Again, I am certain that the MM's would not put them in a situation where they would lose as much money as the "team" is saying. They are not dumb. If they were scared about it (like they have supposivly been for months) would you think they would stop sharting shares?
    This CDIV FLD is the funniest thing I have witnessed on any message board. I read it everyday just to get some ammusement.
    P.S this message was meant to go onto IHUB, but got deleted within 2 minutes. If you dont believe me, go post something negative (even if it is realvent) and see how long before deletion.

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    • LOL here is their really strong, big gun arguments that get thrown at me on PM there....

      Sent By: iheartmoney To: darbyflier Date: Sunday, May 30, 2010 2:22:20 PM
      its up your butt!
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      Posted by: darbyflier Date: Sunday, May 30, 2010 2:12:33 PM
      In reply to: iheartmoney who wrote msg# 128162 Post # of 128166
      Exactly - with only 394 K reported short, where is this supposed huge naked position being flipped around and hidden??

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      • seems as though you all are just talking to yourselves over here

      • Another question that I have is... If this is such a guaranteed squeeze, and planning on what some are saying over $15.00 Why does the "team" spend so much time on the message boards? Why feel the need to defend themselves so much? If I was guaranteed such a big payday, I would shut my computer down and not give a crap what others say. (Its definatly going to happen, right)?
        The "team" likes buying the shares now because they are so cheap, right? Well, if I knew for certain that the pps was definatly going up 1000s of % I would have bought all I could under 10 cents, wouldnt you?
        Someone posted on IHUB today, something along the lines of "CDIV seems to be getting alot of attention this weekend" LMAO Their is about 10 people talking back and forth on their today. (All of which talk back and forth everyday) They are just talking a little more today, because Darby (which seems to be one of the few that can see through the "team") Is questioning the FLD and they are getting nervous that others will catch on to their game.
        I love how everytime the pps goes down we here "Did everyone see the games the MMs are palying? LOL.

    • Exaclty. Now put two and two together and it is as clear as day what is going on. The ihub admins are aware, just stay strictly within TOU and request reviews when you get deleted and report tou violations on their posts.

      This is the clearest P&D I have seen. Their only tact with me is to send me private messages to tell me to leave them alone, LOL.

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      • Another sure sign that this is swirling the drain and that the organizers are getting desperate is that Lone Grey, the CDIV propaganda chief, is now talking up the prospects of CDIV, as though it is actually a company. This morning's posts note:

        1) "If only 1 of the 18 websites takes off..."
        2) "The company has a history of protecting shareholder value......"

        Until now, there has been a modicum of intellectual honesty from "the team" acknowledging that CDIV is not a real company, but that CDIV's shell company status doesn't matter because of "the FLD".

        Now, in what appears to be an act of increasing desperation, Lone Grey and the organizers are talking up the prospects of the company as though it is meant to be a going concern.

        If confidence in the FLD is flagging (because people finally realize there is not much real short interest in this stock) and the basis for investment becomes fundamentals (revenue, profit, cashflow, assets), then this stock will be back to sub-penny status in short order (breaking through Darby's 25 cent price target).

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