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  • midasrahodeb midasrahodeb Feb 3, 2011 12:07 PM Flag

    Bids Outpacing Asks?

    That's what I'm seeing . . . It's great, of course . . . Anxious to see where it leads . . .

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    • The property is right near their present offices.A large old diner thats been closed cut srill has alot of the cooking equipment in it.It is attached to a 150 or 175 sq. foot warehouse structure with 2 two story buildings next to it like old apartments or motels.i heard they would offer any employees out of college with a computer and software design background or degree near free, or cost room and board. Including one of the buildings is supposed to have dorm style rooming, and a large recreation area room to also hold AA meetings and try to help people with a background in all types of computer work: programming, repair, people who can help with gamming and designing and testing games. The other building is suppossed to have larger rooms where Mr. Maherali hopes to recruit unemployed down on their luck good workers in the trade of remodeling various types of real estate and their families to live with them and work for cheap. Cleaning the rooms and jobsites, cooking and whatever management can get them to do for low wages, room, and board. hoping this will create good, loyal, hard workers into the future not just gaming but starting to buy and flip lowcost taxlein, foreclosesure, and all other property that can be bought at the rock bottom prices that it is selling for now. because of several reports, cheap and medium price rentals should start to rent agian soon. rent to own and other families with financeing should be starting to come out looking for homes they can afford. I don't know about all of you people but that seemed to make alot of sense to me. If it works this could be a great growth stock and money maker starting in the near future because people hear this stuff and then you cant even afford any because it goes so high so fast. I am kinda new to the market but does this sound like a good move to you guys who know more about it than I do? I am just starting to learn some from my golfing buddies who all run their own companies and seem to do well enough to be members at bardmoor country club here in sunny st. Pete. Florida. They were talking all about this stock last weekend so I bought some and it started fallingm You might have seen bardmoor course on the PGA tour, and if you like to play you should come on down and enjoy the course, The deepsea fishing, and just relaxing on the beach

    • leads to you losing you money, watch and see this will be back to .01 sooner than later

    • Checked again . . . my mistake -- close, though!

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