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  • eppe2903 eppe2903 Mar 22, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Future Plans

    All, I heard from Gary last night. I had inquired about plans on getting off the pinks. Gary stated they will be on the Toronto Stock Exchange first, then be on a major US exchange by this time next year if all goes as planned with Schafter. They want to make sure all the hiccups are out of the way. Great news! What we have here is a junior First Majestic in the making. Next two years will be huge for Aurcana.

    Hey Club, are you still in Hecla?? If Lucky has any more delays next year Aurcana could be front and center. Especially with a meaningful acquisition.

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    • Are there any kind of plans beside "future plans"?

      Do you also say "past history"?

    • lol..what have you contributed to this board????????????????what does my thread have to do with you was directed to golfer dude and eppe eppe are you??? what are you???? and what is your business in this matter.Its just about maintaining as best we can(of course there are grey areas but this is blatant,k???dont wish me best of luck when its disingenuous...pump a/or the stock in a TOTALLY unrelated sector on that board!!!!!!what is so hard about

    • Wow David you are truly a tool!Enough said!! Best of luck to you!

    • im obviously not your pal since your talking to me like that..

    • SERIOUSLY.???!!! Look at the newsletter pumps just today,dont feel like dealin with about all your great picks on those boards with your boyfriends!!!Accept a fair rebuke.

    • im relax on inv board then...metals is one thing need to pump with large diatribe...respect.dont make a big deal but if we all did that on unrelated investments,this board will get really busy and stupid..IM SURE YOU BOTH CAN UNDERSTAND THAT,RIGHT!?Reasonable request,if you dont like it sorry!

    • Golf, it is definitely a diamond in the rough. That's why the message board is a joke. For now. The 5,000 block shares the directors received were because of a bonus structure. Not sure if it will be modified this year?? Not too concerned about those compared to the almost 400,000 stock options Asa has available at 2.40ish. Motivation anyone.....Perfect storm brewing. As soon as the first software sell gets completed(right now they have almost 24 proposals out)there are tons of rich investors which are "show me results don't promise them" lined up to jump in. Kinda funny how people with lots of money are concerned with protecting their money instead of getting a good entry point. But in the end when it goes up it doesn't matter. But when the first software sell happens it will just begin a dominoe affect. And yes I do have some inside info on this. I would have never found this on my own without them since I am mostly in PM stocks!

      And David, I agree for the most part that the this board should be left for AUNFF discussions. But since I am and will be a AUNFF shareholder for a long time(and still adding),I don't mind helping other PM investors with a great opportunity when I know its legit. I hope you understand. But will try to keep it to a minimum.

    • hey..keep it in same sector at least not metals glty both but cmon...peace

    • Yep, still have 30,000 HL (sold ~30k during 2011, all at big gains)...will hold these, collecting two divs/qtr, while waiting for early 2013 to crank up the production at LF again. HL has a great future, although the stock has been whipped in 2011 and so far in 2012.

      AUNFF is a gem in the making, and I have 30,000 of that as well.
      I'm thinking $6 by 2014 and a listing on the AMEX along the way (like USSIF is about to do, and RVM did last year).

      How about you? Still in HL, or in USSIF?

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      • Hey Club, I am out of HL at the moment. Although made big gains the same time as you. Will get back in over the summer. They are getting jacked around worse than usual until Lucky is opened back up. With Aurcana's future so bright I haven't bought into USSIF yet?? Just not big on their cost of production. Trying to get 25k of Aurcana because your right, about $6 a share in two years. I have owned RVM many times and will be getting back in over the summer as well. Right now I'm in big with a company right here in Tampa where I live. They are not in PM's, but the software business. Small float and its been real quiet lately but thats fixing to change big time. They have a fantastic new software and they will be life changing for me. Just put out new website. Check them out when you get a chance. The symbol is INV. Have a great weekend!

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