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  • schimmyboy schimmyboy May 17, 2012 12:06 PM Flag


    Your call on silver to $26 was spot on. I believe you called this a "stop" on the way to $19. Care to comment on where you think silver is going over the next 6-9 months?

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    • If the Euro breaks below 1.25 it will drag silver lower. I don't see $19 any longer. Lowest levels on silver will likely be $22 - $25. That's the lowest I see and "if that". As the European crisis escalates I'm seeing money move away from risk and into Silver and Gold. Everything seems to be indicating that there could be 1 more leg down, but that's it. That should be the bottom

    • That's the difference. I care about what price silver is at. Do the math.

      5m oz x silver $30 = $150m Rev. @ 355m cap = 2.3 x sales
      5m oz x silver $10 = 50m rev @ 355m cap = 7.1 x sales

      Now look where AUNFF is trading.
      The market is assuming $30 silver price over a few years.
      Silver $30 x 5 m oz = 150m rev.
      Mrkt. Cap 355 = 2.3 x sales (by sales I mean Rev. )
      Growth rate is assumed 4x sales give that prod. Growth is growing by 4x the current rate of prod. 1.2million oz of silver
      So.... AUNFF Would become a 1.4 billion dollar market cap to hit $4 per share
      1.05 billion @ $3 per share. 700million + @ $2 per share

    • Unlike you, I get scared when something looks too good to be true. And especially when the numbers are "unaudited"

    • way to go bro!!!take care of that wife as it seems you do...Blessings to your family and keep stayin healthy!!!glty and our aunff investment is SOLID!!

    • Since it appears to be a prerequisite to be on this MB,here you go.I am 5'11" weigh 185, have a 34 inch waist and work out daily as well. Also, me and my wife enjoy long walks on the beach. The fact of the matter is and I think golf stated in an earlier thread. They are pumping out silver everyday and will continue to do so. Hold this puppy for two years and you will be very very happy! GL

    • you want your lucky Lotto numbers too?????

      June/2012 - silver between $25 and $29.85 Range bounde

    • well said.

      no one can deny that 5m ounces of silver @ $30 isn't great for AUNFF.

    • Golf, tell me WHO can predict silver prices accurately in the future? The answer is NO ONE. I appreciate Mirzaotovic's analysis and what he contributes to the board. If you disagree, fine, but no need to bash another person. His predictions, btw, were made before silver fell to $26 and before it bottomed and then began to start rising. He has been very good so far and given solid analysis so there is no need to continue questioning him when he gave his own opinion based off of his own DD. I'd suggest you do your OWN due diligence and buy or sell based off of that, not off of other people's opinions.

      AUNFF is a good buy, up very nicely today and I expect it to continue moving up as silver stabilizes and hopefully begins to move up later this summer. With Shafter coming online this is a must buy, IMO.

    • no problem. and don't listen to this b/s

      it's not ok to be wrong for a year. preservation of capital is key. live to fight another day

    • My thank you was for MIRZAOTOVIC

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