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  • schimmyboy schimmyboy May 25, 2012 1:54 PM Flag

    Thanks Mirz

    I for one greatly appreciate your analysis. I worked for an investment firm for many years and I totally agree with your statement that you need to carefully pick your buying spots. I completely fail to understand why anyone would be angry about you essentially nailing the call on silver. You have proven to be much better at this than anyone else on this board.

    To you other guys, betting against a guy who is the head of a trader firm and has proven to be accurate is just stupid. This guy is trying to do you a favor----take it.

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    • im not a trader.cnbc is saying were in a recovery and pumping facebook and interviewin with scripts james Goreman of Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney...Mirz do you really think i get my info from cnbc??? insulting...jus sayin lol idk they talk muc about swift or Chantilly ,Virginia?...Do they MIRZ?

    • Hate myself for being short the Euro

    • So why are you here? To educate the masses? Show off?

      Whatever - I don't mind provided you bring insights.
      Pls keep posting. I may not always believe you but worth considering. Thx

    • thank god for those 2-3 one liners you got from CNBC
      that's all you know.

      i'll take the easy trades all day long

    • soooo many short euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!makes me think your thesis is probably done...teeter tawter gonna swing other way soon...note euro will be around...dollar will be focal point soon...print print print

    • dont trade mirzy...not smart enough...negative real interest rates tell me gold and silver bullion great place to be,specially off the grid...see prior posts

    • alright already shimmy like his advice.good take it.regarding being in investment advising business,i wholesaled insurance to the wirehouses and some boutiques.90 percent are clueless..put ya in a wrap account or managed acct and were on golf course by 11am...definitely not a selling point jus cause someone an invest. advisor,holy schnikey!!!most clueless regarding global macro issues and currencies.

    • Thank you. I'm only doing this because a lot of avrage investors looking for information come to this site and look for help, yet they get misinformation and bias. If your long, you spew b/s to push the stock up as if thats going to help, like anyone would listen to you. Shorts do the same.

      I'm trying to give you info that might help you and at the same time ask very important questions. Like;
      Who's buying vs who's selling? And why? What are they looking at? What do they think? What info do they have?
      If you ask these questions, and more importantly, are able to answer these questions. Only then, should you Buy or Sell.

      The market is rigged. I know it and so does everyone else involved on a large scale. And so should you. So I only trade things that I know better then anything else. BTW
      copper is my speciality.

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      • You are right beyond question that the market is rigged. The question is how does one figure out what the Big Boys are going to do next. It is good to know the numbers that support or detract from a higher future stock valuation, I believe that the Boys already know any information that you might glean from your research.
        As important as knowing, is knowing what the boys are either holding or accumulating. Long term charts are especially valuable in assessing what the Boys are up to.

        You took TIRX.PK ($.55)-- Without going into a lot of boring chart detail analysis I'll take BRD ($.84). Lets talk in 6 months. :-).

      • i collect nickels bro!!!4 real...75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel...been for years...1 million nickels is 50k and no downside risk...investment never less than 50k and when inflation rips nickels will be worth way more in metal content than in face bout that...investing so easy...some of us MAKE it SO SO complicated and it really isnt.

    • +1

      Aurcana had great results today and silver seems to be trading in a range as you said, just ignore those on here who criticize and want to pick fights, I'm going to be putting those guys on ignore as they have no clue what they are talking about. Expecting good things ahead with the Shafter mine picking up, silver prices edging up this fall as the US debt situation comes into view, and after the strong 1st quarter results released today. Definitely one to buy and accumulate especially on any dips.

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