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  • tranthor2004 tranthor2004 Jun 6, 2012 7:52 PM Flag



    Welcome aboard. Have read your posts for sometime on the CGR board.

    In case you were not aware Dr. Megaw who has drawn up the exploration plans for Aurcana at Shafter has joined Starcore.

    He has quite the rep for deposits such as Shafter.

    PS. What took you so long? :-)
    PPS. Have you had enough of Gallagher?lol

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    • Hey tranthor, I didn't even know about this stock. Lots of good ones out there. Lots of good music too, like Humble Pie, like i got turned onto kinda late. More of a Stevie Ray V, fan and less Roy G, but he's not bad, i like some music i think might be a little weak, like Jefferson Airplane. Here's something that's not off the Surreal Pillow, it's the mystery tune:

      Gotta have some faith to trade in these markets, gotta have something, reach and touch faith. but

      I'm thinking that if this stock ever gets to within half of EXK's share price, might be time to sell some of this one and buy some more EXK. That turned out to be the way to trade GPL. Sell it when it got to half of EXK's share ptice and then trade up. Later you could pick GPL a lot cheaper. Might be tempted to do a bit of that with AUNFF if it happens. I already like AUNFF though much more than ever liked great panther, also more than scorpio, and still really like EXK, it does seem to be on a roll. They got a small float over there to boot.

      Had to bail on CGR, but plan to keep an eye on it. The way to make money on that stock may be to buy it when it gets extremely cheap. Might be the way to play Metanor Resources as well. They have each been below a quarter, under 15 cents if you back 4 years. Seems like each of them want to drop some more. Sad that they each seem to have fallen on hard times. I think Metanor is a buy here, but that's mostly because it's so cheap. I think it's worth twenty-three cents a share, but I'm also a sucker for cheap gold stocks. Admittedly buying because a stock is cheap doesn't always work out so great, but there you go.

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