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  • david.casciano david.casciano Jun 10, 2012 11:35 PM Flag

    heres how stupid mIRZY is...ill kiss

    she says remember 2008????!!!! 2008 was a friekin liquidity CRISIS!!! WE are in A sOLVENCY CRISIS....EVERY liquidity crisis ENDS in A SOVEREIGN DEBT CRISIS,,,who cares what desk or facse you were sitting on...SOLVENCY not LIQUIDITY as YOU SAID STUPID banks HOARDING cash at FED discount WINDOW !!!...fool

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    • stop pumping your other stocks dopey cruser...come on board and your now spewing stock you are a jpm shill too,prob. lol btw regulators gonna make jpm look bad so they can unwind all the derivitive muck in secret and not allow truth to be exposed.

    • yeah, you need to stop responding, it just makes it worse, or put him on ignore, that's what i do to clean up the board, you can always sign out to see what your missing, usually it's not much, but hey, it's just a message board, blow it off

      i'm just here trying to make some money, got in AUNFF last week for just under a buck, now my fourth largest position, behind EXK, SHVLF, and SNDXF, like how the management seems to have a plan on how to quickly grow into to mid-tier Ag producer, and beyond.

      CEO L Rodriguez seems very results oriented, he'll tell you the stock is undervalued, he seems to keep pretty close tabs on it in fact, he was brimming with good news in that presentation, some of which he couldn't share, certainly got a good vibe from watching him, makes me feel better about Starcore too, they are in the same Mexican State of Querataro, where Aurcana's La Negra mine is located, and it's like the district is the sort of the deposit thing is going on, there's some of that dynamic, it's not the highest grade deposit, but with surging gold and silver prices it's good enough

      Aurcana and Starcore have some things in common, like maybe they can each start paying me a dividend, so could EXK, and Sandstorm Gold too, i'd be OK with all that

    • i need to stop responding. i'm sure you're on the FBI and CIA list as a nut case. or labeled as "home grown doomsday moron"

    • their stocks went up since 2008 stupid...cause of sheila bair..article in washington post re every family getting a 10 million loan ....instead of zirp for banks and large corps you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!food and energy up...inflation...housing down...ponzi mers/rehypothecating on downing st,stocks up due to trillions injected and zirp you fool to create a wealth affect and keep sheep happy......your a moron and have no cogent understanding of what is will learn the hard way!!!!

    • Now I now your a plucking moron. What just happened over the weekend??? Come on stupid.....answer????
      Yes. Bailout
      €100 bil
      End result always a bailout. No end of world scenarios like you hoped. And prayed.

      • 1 Reply to mirzaotovic
      • with fake unbacked fiat you pluking MORON...UNBACKED FIAT ENDS IN DESPAIR DEFLATION phyzz GREAT INFLATION PHYZZ are really really stupid....the ptb are printing paper from a helicopter you idiot...that is due to the end game of ponzi fiat !!!!Unfortunately REGULATORS and BANKERS and GUBBERMINT ARE one in same!!!THATS WHAT YOUR MISSING trader girl...What you did before WILL NOT WORK...STUPID....EINSTEIN said use the same consciousness/paradigm/actions to SOLVE THE SAME PROBLEM is INSANITY....GET IT DOIPEY...YOUR UNCLE RICOH in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE living in your past....YOUr cheese is moved and your gonna be 1 hungry mouse when the Musical Chairs game stops...WATCH your outdated microthemes which you think make you look superior when simplicity is elegant...Occams's RAZOR

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