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  • lon5349 lon5349 Jun 19, 2012 7:32 PM Flag

    Friday Explained

    I have been a retail broker for 20 years for a firm you have heard of. After talking to my trading desk and others I can tell you what happened friday. 1st: the trades were moc orders.(market on close) This book is separate from the oders that trade during regular market hours. Because they trade separately they are often matched Buyer/seller. On very large trades both sides know the price range. The amount of volume traded on the close friday(aprox 25 million)is not easy to unload in a stock that is trading aprox:2-3 million shares per day unless you know you have a buyer with some wood. I do not know the seller nor do I care. Maybe motivated by a margin call or maybe became bearish on silver because the Greek vote. What I do know is the buyer. GDXJ. Fridays holding of Aurcana was listed at 2.5 million shares. The biggest positions are maybe 3-3.5% of the fund or $75 million, with most holdings being around 1% or $25 million. Monday morning I contacted Van Eck and they confirmed 2.5 million shares. My contact deals with brokers and would not have been aware of trades on friday. Just today the updated holdings show over 30 million shares. I look at fridays action as very bullish because Van Eck would not take a position in a company before doing it's research. I do believe that the powers that be do not want gold/silver to go up;however, I don't believe Aurcana is on the hit list. Look at fridays action for what it was: Van Eck confirming that Aurcana is a company that you want to own.

    I have been pounding the table on silver since 2003. I was able to convince maybe 10% of my customers to buy silver/gold stocks. This last year has shaken all but a few out. My mom is booing me. This makes me more bullish than ever. Bull markets will shake out all but the true believers. We are very close to a huge move judging by sentiment levels. BE RIGHT AND SIT TIGHT.

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    • gtcochran Jun 20, 2012 7:40 PM Flag

      Thank You for the info!!

    • It is an explanation,...and, longs got gored...

    • Very helpful. Thanks for your informative input on this issue.

      • 1 Reply to victoriaemily
      • That was fun analyzing, even guessing, as to the recent strange movements of late last week and the beginning of this week.

        Concerted groups and individual efforts, professionally knowledgable members of the investment world ALL helped to explain, or theorize, the miners and esp. AUN's suspicious movements; and of the ones responsible for manipulating these stocks.

        Exposure isn't want they want, the light of day blinds their actions, and possibly even might get the interests of the CFTC and SEC.

        I personally want this type of corruption in our stock to end, or at the very least, be kept within acceptable levels. A level playing field for the small guy, the retail investment growd, the young family just trying to get ahead in this tough economy and enviroment; all committing their money- hopes and dreams.

        This stock needs desparately to be on a regular exchange. It has progressed beyond a venture stock status, demands validity.

        If we continue to question, relay concerns, or spot stock manipulations of the short hedgers, MM's, or those higher in the chain..the roller coaster price gyrations might be 'normalized' somewhat, making charts, whether up or down; be respected and relied on. All within a 'resonable' tolerance, ofcourse.

        Big money groups are investing, others are watching..and stand ready to enter a responsible valid stock company; and it's goals...esp. from the ground floor!

        I hope Mr. Rodriguez hears this, and continues with his genius efficiency towards Aurcana, fast-track-ramping-up of the main source of silver at Shafter, valdidating the company as a Mid Tier Miner to be recognized and respected..perhaps even marvelled! JMO GL all

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