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  • david.casciano david.casciano Jun 29, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    mirz you

    are a smart man... i mean are a good trader...i mean that...the bankers and politicians are mostly one in the same with a few exceptions.The political/economic system of debt is simply keep the ponzi going there always has to be more dollars (tax revenues/GDP etc) to service the debt of gov.We are at a point globally where it is nearing its end.TPTB are fighting it tooth and nail cause they want the POWER...THEY already got THE MONEY THE past 40 50 60 years as you rightly stated about GOLDMAN.YOU also rightly stated who you know and how quckly you can execute what who you know told you is key!!!Thats why i am a long of phyzz not smart enough,fast enough(as aHFT will beat us all and wash us out)connected enough,wealthy enough.We are not sayin anything different...You play it differently than me...not im a simpleton or your an idiot.Different approaches and when the game/musical chairs stop one will be more on the right side than the other.Its not right or wrong or good or bad in managing wealth its what is your goal and has the outcome been recognized based on your ideas/trades/ to short for name calling and getting bent out of shape..that includes me too.Will see?? iwill post a thread next where i disagree with you.

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    • not sure anymore. it's all b/s in Albania

    • Hi Mirz.Closer to tirxf permit grant now that summer in full swing? insight?

    • I totally agree with you sir. And I think your 100% correct in calling this a ponzi scheme and that we're being robbed blindly.

      I hate what big banks/government and the socialites are doing to this country and it's people. I don't believe in communism or socialism but I do believe that we need to start controlling big banks and corporations. US jobs should stay in the US. and we need to rebuild this country and only way out is a strong middle class.

      The reason I don't think things will end as bad as you seem to think, is because that would be a bloody and costly civil war. Nothing this big ends nicely. As I former citizen of the Former-Yugoslavia, I'm not interested in seeing another civil war.

      What's next????
      Stagflation and re-destribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. You ask how come???
      Simple, no one has the guts to stand up. No one wants to unite because we're a nation of individuals and quite simply because they can. The system is rigged. Bad economy, bosses fire 30% and the avrage worker works harder for less. Productivity remains the same but the bottom line increase. Who benefits?? Only a handful. Top 10%

      Lower rates are a way to force u to spend. .75% earnings on interest. Why not use that money to buy a house at these rates??? Better then earning nothing you say. Bullshiet. We have a 25 month forward inventory. So you get screwed because houses will continue to drop. There's no housing recovery without a strong middle class. And there is no middle class anymore.

      Let's face it. Feudalism and hierarchy survived for hundreds of years before they toppled. I can see this system of anemic growth and redistribution of wealth continue for years to come.

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      • I wrote my post on june 29 before any of this LIBOR stuff came out.This LIBOR issue is massive and its not germaine to USA..its most of the western developed world.The difference with Yugoslavia is theywere not THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWER and did not hold the status of WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY...This will end much quicker as i am of the mindset TPTB know there is no way out and are positioned for regionalism and not globalism.Regarding folks not willing to stand,there is always a tipping point regardless of right and wrong.I am a second generation Italian and love my heritage,when people in America cant feed their kids or drive there cars or get emergency health care or prescriptions i think you may be surprised.When a country like ours(USA) which has been fat and happy and privileged because of its petrodollar status gets awake and they slowly are....I see it as i talk to lots of folks and help lots of folks.3 years ago laughed at me are asking me my opinion on what to do to protect their families.I could go on,but will conclude this post by saying American citizens are THE LARGEST STANDING ARMY IN THE gun ownership...Food for thought and thank you for your comments,they were very insightful and passionate.

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