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  • rholl49oswego rholl49oswego Aug 30, 2012 7:10 AM Flag

    Valuation for Aurcanna

    Aurcanna's resources before this update were under 50 million silver ounces, counting La Negra and Shafter.
    The update adding 115 million ounces at La Negra raises that to about 160 million.
    160 million oz of silver at todays prices is worth about 4.8 billion.
    269 million lbs of copper at 3.33 is about 895 million.
    539 million lbs of lead at .88 is about 474 million.
    1,418 million lbs of zinc at .84 is about 1.191 billion.

    Thats about 7.360 billion dollars of recoverable metal at current prices.

    With about a 500 million dollar valuation at these share prices Aurcanna is masssively undervalued. This metal is at a very well run mine...not a greenfield out in the hills. Aurcanna can increase the mill capacity to 10,000 tons and be producing 5+ million ozs of silver and more than 5 million silver equivalent ozs with a mine that has a 20+ year life given current finds.

    Remember that the north west trend at La Negra still has the Valenciata updates. Also the newly purchased track just south of the La Negra ore body has not been extensively explored (but had some very high silver grades per the Lenic comments). Shafter can add more reserves.

    Share valuation is based on Mine operation, resources and growth strategies. It looks like we are doing pretty well!!

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    • Additional info for new investors.

    • Hi college
      That is "conceptual feeder system. that is a target for them to search for.
      As that feeder system implies... the source of this mineralization lies to the West.
      I expect a lot of exploration in the next few years in the Shafter and Red hills area to the west and south west. Very likely there are significant deposits of various metals. Red Hills (Tasco ) has a large Moly and copper deposit. If you read through the Block 3 Thread it will point to drill holes encountering base metals gold and silver.
      I think that Lenic is just waiting for the stock to go up somemore so he can buy up some regional blocks to prospect.

    • Investers need to think of Aurcana as a piggy bank with a twenty + year life.

      As we in America enter Obona-topia with its fiat money and hyper-inflation over the next few years....the piggy bank just grows and grows.

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      • Looks like some smart money decided to get in ahead of more good news.
        That 7 billion market value for metal resources is nicely over 8 billion now.
        Once Shafter starts commercial flow will rapidly go to expanding La Negra production towards 10,000 production level. Additions of resources on the NW trend and potentially on the new block just below La Negra should add a few more years of mine life. (well into the 2030s)
        Shafter should also add significantly to reserves if it pursues an agressive program of acquisition of surrounding properties.
        As we in America enter Oboma-topia with its fiat money and hyper-inflation over the next few years....the piggy bank just grows and grows.

    • well SAID!!

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