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  • rholl49oswego rholl49oswego Sep 29, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Back to Stair step up...

    " Aurcana and analysts noted that the latest update, comprising 13 skarn deposits at La Negra, did not include...... some 15 other deposits in the northwest La Negra trend where silver grades tend to be higher.
    In a note to clients, Post reckoned a resource for these would be out in the first quarter 2013"

    Aurcana already knows that a significant amount of resources are going to be added in the next year on the NW trend. (may be as large as the NE or larger) The 115 silver ozs on the NE trend, also had roughly the same number of equivalent ozs (thats 230ozs total equivalent and silver) That would raise the market value for Aurcana's metal in the ground from roughly 8 billion to over 15 billion.

    Further promising leads on a recently purchased block just to the south may also offer large resource additions in futur years. ( I expect further purchases at La Negra, next year for stock)

    Shafter should expand the present 50 million ozs of silver towards the end of 2013.
    When these numbers were developed before 2006 silver was about 5-6 dollars. Lenic has already noted that the mine ramp had to be changed to allow for deeper and wider vein stuuctures in Block 3. ( he noted that this increased the structure 2-4 times...thats significantly more metal especially when silver is 30+ dollars an oz.) Expect the rest of the Shafter deposit to see similar findings.
    Expect further open pitable results around the old Presideo mine sections.
    In addition, Aurcana will purchase for stock, surrounding sections that have significant posibilities.

    In reality Aurcana is probably one of the hottest takeover prospects in the industry.

    Aurcana is one big piggy bank.

    Note I am against a take over. Why?

    The baby boom generation and greatest generation ran up a 50 Trillion dollar debt (combining Business, Personal and Gov debt...more than 3 times the over estimated GDP) [note that is actual debt...not future liabilities]
    Future governments {Republican or Democrat } will have to remove that debt through inflation in order to restart the real economy for our children.
    That will have to be accomplished largely in the next few years. While the price of silver has gone up 5-6 times in the last 6 years... it will have to go up 5-10 times from here as we REALLY start to debase our currency.

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    • Absolutely agree. I think this is why Lenic is shopping - prices are cheap for many exploration companies sitting on large resources but lacking funds and Lenic knows he needs to get bigger if he is to keep from getting taken over too cheaply.

      AUNFF is a great buy just on it current projections...I can't imagine what will happen if the "contamination" runs throughout most of block III. Oy! I keep adding as I can. Hoping for at least 150K shrs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Many of those steps will be because of Aurcana executing on mine output and resource increases and executing on a growth strategy.
        The rest will be caused by high inflation caused by money printing.
        The Fed has to refinance about 9 trillion in maturing debt in the next 4 years. In addition about 5-6 trillion (at least) in new debt.
        Note the country already owes about 50 trillion in Debt (Bus, gov and personal...note that is debt not future liabilities) Pensions underfunding is soaring and we are currently in recession.

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