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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Nov 16, 2012 8:22 PM Flag

    I see late today GFMS projected silver to go crazy over the next several years to the upside.

    They are highly regarded and not some silverbug pounding out at a personal blog. They have been around a long time, sort of the industry watchdog and authority. GFMS predicts silver by 36 at year end, and over 50 by the end of 2013. THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS MEANS FOR AURCANA. If they are even close to being right, and silver ends next year at 55, strap into the silver rocket. Silver will return with a vengance.

    with silver at 36 by year end, aurcana will surpass old highs......that is 45 days.........we all know the silver market is nuts but GFMS is highly regarded, not just some silver bug with a block pushing the metal. BTW, I happen to concur......

    the good old U.S. of A. government KNOWS they must we get a budget deal, as people will start seeing this next week, and the banksters with Obama's consent hammer the currency into the ground, and silver will smell the inflation........

    As to next year, with the POS at 55 by year end, who knows how high Aurcana will run. Profits will go absolutely ape. ..what is that, something like 35 cents a share, maybe higher.....

    aunff will blow by 5 bucks like it is standing still.

    To give us some comparisons, NGD earned 9 cents a share and has almost a 5 million dollar market cap. Our market cap is 1/10 of theirs Think about it. Ooooo!!! load up my brothers and sisters.
    NGD is a highly respected emerging gold producer, but to simply cherry pick this one company...

    Our market cap is one tenth of NGD's cap, and we will earn who knows how much, more than 3X what they earn with silver at 55 bucks a share....

    If the production ramp continues, and he brings the bacon home with his projections, we are sitting on an incredible story for next year.......

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    • google this, and remember, it was released late today and just got picked up by kitco near the close of business.....These guys are highly respected, sort of the industry authority in precious metals.
      This report will turn some heads at it is digested by the market. I happen to agree that the money printing must pick up steam and finally we get the inflation ramp......and silver is the gatekeeper of all investment vehicles, "known to mankind." google. Thomson Reuters GFMS to check it out..or look at the kitco summary

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      • just something anectodal: I was buying a lot of physical from a commercial dealer where I live earlier in the year. They advertise as being the 2nd largest dealer in the country. The clerks there told me that people want the silver, a lot more than gold. This is in keeping with the prior to PM bull markets, where in both the 30s and the late 70s silver wildly out performed gold......we are about to enter the back half of this precious metals bull market......the miners are in a launch mode, never to return, and the silver miners are gonna go ape. Who better to benefit than Aurcana. Tiny market cap. The market must somehow think that the company really does not own the richest and second largest pure silver mine around. Making the call here.

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