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  • cmfcochran cmfcochran Nov 18, 2012 11:33 PM Flag

    Crazy Wife!

    My wife said sell some shares at these prices to pay off some short term debt and I said no.......I think we can pay off all our debts in a few years with plenty left over!

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    • What price did you buy them at? Not sure it matters, but curious. Often hear people say I wish I had sold some of it when ...but of course that is when it is down (whatever the it is). I remember back when silver went to $50 thanks to the Hunts, and I had a little silver set I was offered $75 for. Well, I turned it down and it took from then (1980??) til a couple of years ago to get that much for it again, which means I lost money on it since dollar has decreased in value. That short term debt must not be too short term if it is still going to be there in a few years, but you are correct IMHO. Pay off debt with inflated dollars (or the new money) and keep your shares. IMHO

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    • Not all debt is bad. You give no details of the interest rate or if it tax deductable. No debt is no worry.

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    • yikes...worst time to sell any PMs to pay off debt.
      Hold long, pay debt later with inflated shares, not deflated shares.

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      • Your also an adviser,yikes.Be careful on giving financial advice on boards...SERIOUSLY...thats specific advice and thats illegal.Your response to me was in the plural form we.Our you the moderator for this board.Because i dont agree with telling people what price points to buy and say what my share totals are makes me unpleasant in your i said be careful about giving specific investment advice on even a mb,its illegal.See usgif boardor past slv with my input...i am not a trader,im a global macro investor who is mostly in tangible assets and i play/speculate in these manipulated juniors....oooohh oooohhh aaaaahhhh

    • happy wife happy life

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