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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Nov 20, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    The market will soon appreciate Aurcana will make sooo much $$$$$ about NOW !!!! YES THAT IS

    RIGHT.. The market will smell out how much this bad boy is going to make........several thoughts,

    First, how and why is it mispriced? Who knows, but begin with the fact that 90% of funds are prohibited in their bylaws from buying a "penny" stock. yes, Aurcana has tons of funds who are very smart, but the vast majority are nonetheless prohibited. This means the stock is mispriced, regardless of its merits.

    Second, the company is very very very very lucky.
    Perhaps luck is the residue of brilliance. I dunno, but La Nego is evidently going to be a company maker. Huge winner and the news keeps surprising to the upside. This is an understatment.

    Shaftner: a double company maker. Again, the company is very lucky. Shaftner is like finding a message in a bottle from 40 years ago. HUGE metals system, as yet mostly unexplored. A dynamic community down there on the border, from both sides that want to make it happen. Terrific labor force, massive district wide, rich system.

    The company's CEO is a dynamic guy, hard worker, tough, no #$%$ type.
    The best CEO in the business, and surrounded by no #$%$ types. Like Buffett says, it is all about management. WE have the best. I keep adding on every pullback

    do the math on the production profile. At silver 30 we are a 2 dollar stock in a year; at 40 dollar silver, a 3 dollar stock, and up and up ..............and up.

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