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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Nov 27, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    Best Value of any silver miner, and that i saying something because the entire sector is

    hugely undervalued. Adding to my already sizeable position. There has been nothing but outstanding news from this little miner over the past several years....and now we are in the process of just starting to look behind the curtain, to see the production starting to roll in. i am really not able to judge a whole lot of anything, but one thing I can see, if it is obvious, is character. Lenic R. is everything they say he is. My assumption is that he has people around him who are like him. Plus the company has been extremely lucky to the 10th power with La Nega, obviously. It is a world class deposit............Shafter is no longer the big stud holding for Aurcana. The company is sitting on perhaps tens of billions of silver and associated medals, with two mines now getting the stuff out of the ground...........this is an unusual circumstance. There are dozens of companies with stud properties, like NAK, for instance, or Pretvium, but these are years away from getting a single ounce out of the ground, if ever. My bet is Lenic announces an acquisition in the next 60 days, Hopefully a couple. WE HAVE TERRIFIC SMALL JUNIOR COMPANIES THAT ARE DIRT CHEAP HERE, LIKE AUMN FOR INSTANCE. em when they are down. They won't be down forever, and Silver is going to go ballistic over the next several years. Lock as much beachfront property up now, if you can. Yea, it may hurt short term, but no good investor is a short term guy........lock em up now. With Silver at 40 bucks next year, Aurcana can afford several top tier bargain basement purchases. To me, that is the most important thing now, more so than getting commercial production "declared."

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