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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Nov 29, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    the share price of Aurcana is an absolute joke. This stock is a 25 banger in 5 years...

    let me tell you how we get there: silver goes to 100 bucks. If so, Aurcana is going to go ape to the upside. NO SILVER PRODUCER IN THE WORLD HAS THIS COMPANY'S PRODUCTION PROFILE.........sorry to shout. No silver company has aurcana's production profile. This is a result of two things: the best management in the game, and luck. LUCK, not andrew, the thing that happens to fortunate people. The drill results for these two world class, company owned properties, are off the charts. No silver company, not SLW, not AG, to name two of the very best, can compare with Aurcana. Not even close. Can't wait for an acquisition. Our management is too smart not to snap up one of the hugely undervalued mexican silver miners. I am very partial to Aumn..........Lenic knows, he is a genius.

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    • and silver, by the way, will be at 100 bucks in five years, probably higher. America is heading to the status or Greece by about then. GOT REAL MONEY? silver has been real money, and IS REAL MONEY, for 5 thousand years. gonna happen.

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      • NO way silver will be $100 in 5 years.
        In Jan 2018, silver will be over $250.
        It's been held down for so long, you've lost your long term perspective.

        Gold $5000 (easy) by Jan 2018.
        GtS ratio = 20 by then (should be lower, but suppression will slow that down as well), silver at minimum $250.

        When Silver at $250, Aurcana at ...holy cow...$40 by then?
        Someone else do the math to figure out their share price at $250 silver, given their improved reserves, production profile and corp structure in 5 yrs.

        Blockbuster any way you slice it or dice it.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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