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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Nov 30, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

    good news: volume is drying up here like crazy, which generally precedes a huge move up

    there is simply far too much value to see a down move. It is priced silly, like they are gonna sell the company and the silver they mine in the next year at a fire or lawn sale...........I am never more amazed at the impatience of "investors." NOBODY CARES TO SEE THE FUTURE.........Everybody wants "it" now, or tomorrow.............and basically people go with the herd, even guys who run money professionally.

    Here is the future, so that you know: Visionaries, sector specific funds, generalists funds, john Q public

    Right now the visionaries own this stock, and these are risk taker types. they lose big or huge gigantically. these are owners of this stock at 1 dollars or under per share. When silver gets hot again, as it will soon be doing, sector specific commodities funds will pour in the fiat to aurcana. How can they not with its production profile? The beginning of this move should start soon and be sustained. In about 18 months, when Aurcana is around 6 bucks a share and ready for a pullback to 4, you will see generalist funds pour into this company, pushing the stock price up to about 8...........and between 7 and 8 bucks a share, john q public will pour in, pushing it to almost 10 bucks.............thereby avoiding the move back to 4..........Then, 2 years from now, the move will come, the inevitable retracement back to around 5.5 bucks per share. THIS MOVE WILL WASH OUT JOHN Q PUBLIC AND ALSO THE GENERALIST FUNDS...........but most of the sector specific commodity funds will not sell, they will hand tough during this 1 year retracement............and then the cycle will repeat itself, and during the next cycle, the one that moves silver from 80 bucks to 140 bucks, will see aurcana move from a low of 5.5 to 20 bucks a share....and thus the cycle repeats and repeats, as the precious metals bull market trudges higher, throwing out investors, bucking off generalist funds and institutions.........and this is how visionaries will get Aurcana peaks at about 89 dollars per share during the 2 year final bull market mania phase, in roughly 8 years from now.

    Trust me, I was there during the internet tech phase. We have the top precious metals stock in the world, and if we are in a bull market, the metals stocks will eventually go crazy, and more than this, the silver stocks will clear go the most crazy, as they have ALWAYS DONE DURING PM BULL MARKETS, ..............and we are sitting on the best silver stock in the world, with incontestably the top production profile going Aurcana should change our lives immeasurably, for the better.

    Be right, sit tight. Johnnyola

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