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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 12, 2012 3:33 PM Flag

    Ben Bernake, King of All Drug Dealers...

    yes, but that is not specifically why I and hopefully you, are here. I am not interested in paper money going to zero. The last century heralded many dozens of currencies going to zero, fiat money that is, and what a funny term fiat money. I know they all go to zero, just like the law of gravity. The reason we are in silver generally and aurcana specifically is more precise. Western civilization (at a minimum) is diseased. We are terminal. I think we are in the acceleratin phase, as you do as well. I think from here on out, holders of the metal do exceedingly well, as it appreciates dynamically. When I say dynamically, this means it goes up 60% of the time, and it goes down 4 of 10 days it goes down..........but still, this is the definition of bull markets. Silver also is like gold on steroids, and top tier silver companies are like silver on steroids. And yes, I realize silver equites have way underperformed..........but, I have almost never made money buying something that is 'hot". PM equities are not hot, they are laying in the weeds, plus,.. most importantly, we have producer. So, we are here, the disease is very pronounced, light years more advance than at any time in this country's history. Silver should be at 80 today, and Aurcana, based on hopefully where we think it now is, hint hint, commercial production, should be at 10 bucks a yes, I am early, but I am also right. We wait, but this should be just several years, and Lenic and silver will change all of our lives so much for the me, I was in gold in 2002, that is a fact. And before that I played the internet and tech thing in the late 90s and made a killing...............fwiw

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    • PS: we are at a lull in this pm bull market, but is about to change.......and when things get hot, the down days are only 3 in 7, which is incredible. and they will get hot no ifs ands or busts......I mean butts.

    • and now I am the only kid on the block; nobody is on my street, and that is okay. This is how we make serious money. the only question is our choice of vehicle, and aurcana is top tier. If you want a producer that is; explorer who knows, but this guy is a real head banger with a tremendous heart. I represent tons of businessman and Lenic is a tremendous leader, a tremendous capitalist, and this company, and the communities he does business in, will prosper.

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