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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 12, 2012 11:19 PM Flag

    silver and gold are much smarter than all of us put together and

    five thousand years of recorded history will not be denied. The 300 year american experiment is largely over. Empires grow and die, things fall apart, the center will not hold. When empires die they do so very rapidly, relatively speaking, as towards the end everything is held together with string and ready to break, and then it does. People, very few truth be told, liken and compare us now with the last two gold pm bull market periods, the Great Depression and the two severe recessions in the seventies. I strongly disagree. America during those times was a republic, essentially a healthy republic leading western civilization that itself was still healthy. but the seeds were being sown over the last half of the last century, as America turned empire and the corruption grew, and by that I mean moral corruption, the kind that Edward Gibbon describes in his seminal work on the Romans. I encourage anybody to read an article accessible on the net by goggling Gold and the Roman Financial will see how the rapacious roman republic (Samuel Johnson's term) fell and so rapidly crashed during the third century AD, from precisely the same econmic conditions we now are experiencing. The Roman Empire, morally corrupt, crashed within less than a hundred years, and the American empire's crash and burn will be quicker. It has started these past ten years.....o and btw, gold and silver went up something like a hundred fold in comparison to the roman currency..............anyway, check out the article I alluded to above.....really good stuff, as is the MP3 file where you can listen to the author....

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    • and silver will go back to its historical relationship of roughly 16 to 1, and actually over shoot, perhaps 10 to 1, who knows, in its relationship to gold, where it is now over 50 to 1............once again for many known and unknown reasons, but go back it will. Ed note: about 500 years ago, for a brief period the relationship was 1 to 1. .....

      so sit tight, be right. ........and why do I feel we are following Rome's path, and not that of the last America, the american republic of the last century, either in the 30s or 70s? Read the article.

      The Roman Military and Government grew almost exponentially in the 3rd century, crushing the life out of the people, as the roman empire began on organic path of self immolation, destroying in less than 100 years what it had taken almost 1000 to create...and indeed, the movement away from Republic and capitalism to a professional army and socialist or centrist economy had already starting when the republic turned empire..................Quick question: do you know how much it costs in fiat to keep even one of our little child warriors, our professional soldiers, in the field on an annual basis? guess anybody? about 200 grand per kid, per about that! The forever war. I love these military commercials we see every night. aint they sooo coool? Here is to standing armies the world over! Never take em down baby.......didn't some men start this new country to get away from those crazy european solider boys killing each other for a thousand years? I love this new concept: the Forever out, there is a dirty terrorist under your bed. Thank god for our solider boys.

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