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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 13, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

    did you guys know.....that Bankers were shot and beaten in the 30s.....

    People had their vengeance on the financial drug dealers. I say we do to them what the Romans did to the Christians. They particularly hated the Christians because the Christians were fanatics, real nutjob fanatics, and even the Romans could not control these "new" cult type people, so here is what they did:

    They would get a big burlap bag, arrest some of the nutjobs, take them to a fast moving river on a sunny day because the romans felt so darn good to be alive. They would then roll out the animals: 1 Leopard, 1 huge bird of prey, an Eagle, and then a very large snake, constrictors only because their bite is so vicious. .............and, you guessed what is coming next right?

    They would throw them all in the sack, tie it up nice and tight, and roll all 4 "animals" off into the fast moving river...................

    what a way to go! .................there is a worse way, I will tell you later, but let's start some of the bankers with this method first. See how they do. Later I will tell you an even better method.

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    • What the Christians did to the Romans, according to Gibbon, was far worse once they got the power during Constantine's rule in the early 4th century.......far worse fellas.

      Here is something for the bankers if they somehow escape out of the Burlap bag, because, let's face, they are tough hombres; Let us face it: I fully expect some of these money lenders to get out of the bags with some scrapes and cuts, and it will take considerable time for the sepsis to set in from the leopard's claws. Even if we put in Komodo dragons instead of the constrictors, the sepsis from their bite can take several days to set in, and there are just too many bankers and we will run out of these giant lizards. The poisonous lizards need to be imported from Indonesia, and there are just oo many bankers for the lizards here in here is what we do to the drug dealing bankers: We give them guns, as many as they want, they can pick any gun or handheld weapon they want. WE want them confident and relaxed. Maybe some of our american child warriors that are over in the mid east, occupying the countries like any good nazs,, maybe those guys can give them some terrific hand held weapons......some really cool stuff, plus some really cool night vision goggles....the neatest stuff our boys in the military have going.....I heard the original night vision goggles cost 8K per Goggle,. Anyway, we let the bankers load up with american weaponry of their choice and then we put them on a plane, and drop them off in the middle of the amazon jungle. We set them free in the jungle. Free, to do as they please. FREE.......with their weapons they won't know how to really use.

      and here is what will happen, the worst death imaginable.

      they will get lost. that is it. they will get lost in the jungle.

      Do you know what insects will do to bankers who are starving and exhausted in the darkness of the jungle at night, after a week or so? Let them try to lend money to these millions of hungry insects.

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