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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 15, 2012 12:32 AM Flag

    Why I like silver better than gold....

    I bought my first physical gold and silver about 6 months ago. previously I have been in and out of the miners since basically the start of this gold bull market. ....and I keep some of the physical handy to look at.................and when I compare, and figure I can get over 50 silver eagles for 1 gold eagle, it really is not comparison. Not even close, not remotely. Yea, I would rather have the gold eagle over perhaps ten or twelve silver eagles, but not a lot more than this. I think ultimately the market will prove me right about this. Indeed, the market HAS PROVEN ME right about it, just not in the last 70 years. This last period is just a spec of time, like 1/100 of recorded time of about 7,000 years..............and through all the rest of this time, silver and gold have been way way way more closely valued than they are now. But I do not need to get into this. I just look at the eagles, and for that matter, it is a joke that a person would pick one gold eagle over 51 silver eagles............I cannot imagine anybody with half a brain in looking at the physical, who would want to do that, from the standpoint of the "volume of beauty" that these competitive quantities have. All a new person, who stacks up the stuff and looks at, has to do is, well, ..........look at it.

    10 or 12 to 1, that is about it. From this I infer that silver should be at least 150 bucks right now, and it will get there, presuming gold is not currently overvalued.

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