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  • rholl49oswego rholl49oswego Dec 16, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    Where now

    Aurcana has now entered the home stretch of its jump to junior miner.
    Next stop senior.
    By the end of 2013 Lenic will have La Negra operating at 3,000 tons per day ( end of 1st qrt ) and be on the verge of finshing the expansion of La Negra to 5,000.
    Shafter will be ready for 1,500 tons operation by the end of the second qtr. By the end of the first qtr 2014 Shafter will be operating at 2,500 tons per day.
    Cash flows are set to explode for Aurcana. Shafter will start off slow in first qtr with the mine operation going through a steeply slopped learning curve...and rampup of the employee base to efficient operation.(part of this will be offset by mining as much higher grade ore [10-15 oz silver] as possible )
    Given reasonable and conservative assumptions Shafter can add 5-6 million operating cash flow in the first qtr...on top of the 5-6 million from La Negra In the second qtr that 10-12 million per qtr... should ramp up maybe by another 5 from Shafter to 15-17 million. In the third qtr Lenic's 25 million per qtr prediction for shafter will supplement the 25 million from La Negra.
    That 125 million cash flow starting in the third qtr means that Aurcana will have 20 cents per fully deluted shares (600 million shares ) in operating cash flow. (Oh by the way...$50 million in warrants will be exercised this year in addition to the operating cash flows) Do your own DD and evaluation for a share price.

    Resource expansion will continue at La Negra with the NW trend updates for Valenciana and other ore bodies.
    Shafter will expand the current resources just on the Shafter deposit horizon.

    Of course other property acquisions will be occuring as the operating thresholds are being met.

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    • Same old same old.
      The Fed minutes are just part of the continuing US economic/political end game.
      The Fed has to buy a large percentage of new treasury issuance because the world has little appetite for our debt. This is necessitated even more by the biggest deficit expanding bill passed in American history. (the fiscal cliff act extending Bush tax cuts permanently added about 4 trillion over 10 years)
      In order to counteract their actions they need to temper real world reactions bydirect market manipulations and obfucation of their intent through fed speak .

      If you follow Shadowstats you know that the GDP is lower than it was in the 90s because of the Boscan Commissions new Price stability index used from 1997. GDP is overstated by the understated Price Stability Index.

      America's world reserve status is in the terminal decline phase as the British pound was in the 20th century. This decline will occur over a decade or so though, unlike the Pound.

      Argentina's disastrous inflations or god forbid the WeimerRepublics inflation spurts is the unalterable
      course we are accerating into in this new four year period.

      Aurcana is a self funded resource company with great inflation protection...and resource expansion.

    • The new article should give more weight to my observations on the great prospects for Aurcana.
      Next stage is expansion of the resources through exploration and acquisition of more property to expand around each mine.

    • Bump

    • Meanwhile, the idiots sell it off (just because JPM continues to illegally depress the paper silver spot price again today).
      Time to buy it with both fists....going to be a very good 2013 around here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • It's pretty obvious what's going on. Just listened to Andrew McGuire's interview on King World News a few minutes ago. I'm in to AUNFF for 68,000 shares right now and plan on stealing 25,000-50,000 shortly if I don't get too greedy and miss a good opportunity.I've still got16,500 shares of HL, some NGD and AG and a lot of dry powder. I haven't posted in a while, but have noticed you have been sharing your thoughts a little lately. I feel sorry for our fellow Americans that don't have a clue what is going on. They are going to be decimated. Best to you and your family in the coming new year.

      • Added to my position today @ 0.98. The future is great and the current price is soooo attractive. As long as silver holds up around these levels 2013 is going to be a fantastic year of growth for Aurcana. GLTA

      • I bought more yesterday. Looks like I should have waited a bit, but in time, a penny or two won't matter. I just don't understand why people haven't picked up on this yet. Maybe think it sounds too good to be true? I am excited to see what the future holds for this but meanwhile must buckle my seat belt and "get my guts up" because it looks like its going to be a wild ride.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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