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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 18, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    Hang tough guys, this will not last much longer, the company is executing

    The proxies for the Fed, through JPM, goldman and various other nefarious concerns, are shorting the precious metals. Pretty obvious, and then the bandwagon houses are jumping on board. Silver should be at 50 bucks, gold at 2000, so please use this as an opportunity, perhaps the last, to accumulate.

    One phrase to live buy: "buy em when they are down."

    If there was no paper market to con the investment world, aurcana would now be about 3 to 4 bucks a share. This will not last. Positive. Utterly positive. Basic mathematics.

    PS: did anybody see that the u.s. mint is out of silver eagles? Fact. We are in the first inning, perhaps the second. Right now the con still has bite, but it cannot last and it will not last.

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    • There is utterly no question the fed and its proxies are shorting the heck out of the metals. Volker, the forgotton man who still has some role, however small, with this group of gangsters running the country, is on record as saying that back in the late 70s, during the last bull market, his crew at that time should have made more of an effort to contain gold. so there you have it, even back then, with moral people running the show, there was a sentiment, at least in hindsight, that the metals market should have been what about this crew of gangsters running the fed and the u.s. government. They are engaging in federal racketeering, in violations of various laws to defraud investors, and they will stop at nothing. Plus, they have unlimited funds. So how can they lose? short term, they cannot. But we are enjoying a false dawn here at this moment, and it will not last. Soon, people in the West will see the dollar for what it is, DOA. The Asians already are getting away from this bloated pig of a currency, as are the Arabs and people of the middle east.

      So we thought it would be easy; just QE to infinity and logic would prevail and metals would soar, especially with 9% inflation, and the massive stagflation environment we are in, with negative real interest rates forever. NOPE, it will not be easy. they are utterly committed to shorting the metals. The physical market will be put in a real quandry by the comex; what is real, what is reality? but over time, as the dollar is seen for what it is, a ponzi scheme, the precious metals will absolutely rocket, and very quickly very very quickly.

    • Actually, silver should be well over 100, and gold double its current price on its way much much higher. We will get there

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