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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Dec 25, 2012 9:03 PM Flag

    If Aurcana is worth 1.89 with silver at 25 bucks, per the author, what is the company worth

    with silver at 35, or 45 or 55 bucks, and the metal probably will see 55 bucks by year end 2013? Remember, all of this price increase in the metal, or most of it, falls to the bottom line......and I believe the metal will top out near 80 on this mega run in approximately 18 months, and most certainly within 2 years.......aurcana at that time probably will be a distant memory because somebody will buy it out.....I sure hope not.

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    • I wonder why Hecla hasn't taken a stab at it?

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      • Well, all in due time. All the senior silver execs know better than anybody how volatile the sector is, and during this cycle, an intermediate down cycle, dozens of small silver explorers are about to go belly up. So they are patiently waiting for this to happen. Aurcana has made the cut, which about 1 in 25 companies make. They are now making cash, lots of it, finally! I sure hope they do not get bought out, or mabe in the spring of 2014, when the share price is 4 bucks a share, and somebody comes in and pays a 40% premium.........something like that. Don't say this cannot happen. If I am right, and we are about to see a huge move up in silver, aurcana can be a lot higher than 4 bucks in a year and a half. If the price of the metal hits 75 or 80, as I believe it will, you are going to see this baby much closer to 10 than 4 bucks. We need 3 things to transpire for this to happen, all of which are probable: 1. the metal begins its next mega cycle; 2. the company executes its production plan, and 3. we have exploration success. All of this equals a red hot stock; in 18 months you will see dozens of new screen names on this board. and with aurcana broaching 7.50 cents, I will probably be selling at that time......and remember, "don't say it cannot happen." PS: I strongly encourage everybody who has any interest in this sector to check out gary savage's blog, smart money tracker....he also has a pen name of toby connor, or vice versa. He is the best swing trader in the metals I have ever come across, and I follow a lot of people, and havd done so for many years. He is no flash in the pan. He also says we are on the cusp of starting the greatest bull move of this metals bull market, come just about year we are very close. I quite agree with him, and have, as you can see, my own view of things, but I have hit two mega bull markets right on the nose, at the very beginning and made huge $$$$$, fwiw. Gary's 3.5 year charge, commencing at year end, goes straight up. CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE.

        I predict:

        1. The metals are very close to commencing a huge run, by far the largest of this 10 year bull market. why you say? DUH! look around you for pete's sake!!!! Trust me, I played the internet stock mania, hit it right on the head, and was very lucky to get out with a ton of ill gotton gains. but...and it is a big BUT: ALL THE NAYSAYERS WERE FINALLY RIGHT. The net bull collapsed like a house of cards. I can remember to this very day playing a net work stock, and going short my entire port: 4,000 shares short at 221 bucks a share. The stock climbed another 10 points in the next month, and then it collapsed. IN a year it was 30 bucks a share. !!!!!! I screwed up royally. This madness of crowds run of the dollar will in fact collapse the same way. It must. and it will. Stay with me and you will get rich.

        I predict: 1. the metals are about ready to begin a huge, multi year ascent.
        2. silver will do much better than gold. This much will be very clear. The poor man's gold will go crazy to the upside, for any and every reason, past, present and future.
        3. the miners, which have been down for so long, will enjoy their much awaited leverage to the metals, meaning the silver miners will go ballistic, and finally:
        4. aurcana has the best incipient production profile of any silver miner, lb for lb. A market cap of 450 million bucks is a laugh. It will be closer to 4.5 billion in two years from now, unless bought out.

        YOU ARE WELCOME, my aurcana hombres.

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