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  • red_spiv red_spiv Jan 3, 2013 10:58 AM Flag


    New to this stock, I do not own any at the moment. I am curious as to the jump in PPS in 2010 from .03 to .27, was that due to a reverse split? I am an owner of EXLLF and believe it is my current best holding and have liquidated a few others due to dilution and lack of moves to the development and production cycle. I have read numerous articles on this stock and silver prices. Most of which I have read seems on the excessive bullish side, however I have read a lot about the naked shorts on physical silver manipulating the silver markets lower and keeping them lower. I do believe silver will move higher this year but not to levels many are saying. However, I also believe we will retest the $25.00 level during Q1'13 before moving to the $36.00 level.

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    • I have done a lot more reading extensively on the silver market with a special emphasis on silver equities. Numerous article, some very good. It would appear that the smart money is saying we hit the high 50s in May, then slump down to 40 bucks or so, and then from there move steadily to almost 60 by year end. My research also strongly suggests that in this environment producers of silver just coming online will do exceptional. My research also suggests there may be a test of 50 in the next 50 months, then a retest of the new support at 45.50, before the back end year up to a test of 60 bucks for silver.

    • I have made quite a few dollars in various oil and gold stocks, even in options, and small losses in warrants. I am an owner of Osiris, a nice biotech but am looking for a top tier silver stock. The market really has been stuck in a severe rut even while the paper dollars are a flowing. People seem down and out, but you never can tell with stocks. I think silver may possibly go down to the 30 dollar level before taking off to 56 bucks, where it will probably end the year, perhaps a little higher, but it is to early to tell yet; I need to do just a bit more research. Then again, silver may move steadily from its current price up to the mid to high 50s before year end. I will know in a couple of months. I think Aurcana will do well in this environment. by year end it will probably see 3.5 per share, canadian dollars that is, and in U.S. dollars closer to 4 bucks even, give or take. With a slight pullback in May and in the last 3 weeks of August, and a very slight pullback in ealy November of this year, but still finishing strong as I have said above.

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