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  • kevinoneill725 kevinoneill725 Jan 16, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    load up guys right now, this price will soon be long gone because

    silver and gold are about ready, real soon, to begin the second mega step higher. gold from 1650 to 2500; silver from 30 bucks to 75/80....will take about 18 months to 2 years. we are very close. Aurcana will be the #1 performing miner over this span, gold or silver. I expect the silver miners, btw, to keep in step as a group with gold for a period of time, and then rocket way way past the gold miners. This is the way it was in the 30s, and also in the late 70s. Plus it makes perfect sense for fundamental reasons. The public and gereralist mutuals will move into the precious metals as we begin the next stage higher. But only an idiot would pay 50X for an ounce of silver. PLUS, people can see with their own two eyes that silver is the more compelling metal by far, by way way far, at the current ratios. PLUS, things gonna get dicey over the next 5 years (actually the next 50). And gold is too expensive to buy. Silver is going to explode. Watch the move. It will start slowly, powerfully, below the radar, like all bull market mega moves....should be starting any day now..

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