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  • rholl49oswego rholl49oswego Jan 20, 2013 6:21 AM Flag

    Currency Debasement and Gold/Silver

    I just lifted a passage from another board and pasted it below.

    I personally think that the German announcement is another "tell" that behind the closed doors in Washington things are "bubbling".
    Really.... a trillion dollar coin to balance the budget. A nobel laureate pushing that !!!
    The Boscan commissions new " Price stability Index "(The source of all of the US economy's "growth for the last 15 years by understating inflation)

    "There is some kind of international monetary intrigue going on here. First the leak in the German paper news leak was strong and forceful and then the formal announcement from the German Central Bank was very meek and wanted little over a long term horizon. This was orchastrated. It was some type of warning shot from Germany to the US about something they don't like and just wanted to let us know that they can make our life very, very difficult if they want to. Probably very few really know what is going on. Keep your antenna up for future discord between any of the central banks. It may get interesting yet."

    Silver seems to be nearing the end of a two year consolidation pattern. (the SLV just had a huge silver physical inflow) Oil is bouyant in spite of weak economies... Copper is strong...other base metals... grains.

    Seems that central banks, soverign wealth funds, large investors would increasingly rather hold real goods and assets rather than park them in US Dollars.

    Oboma's next two years are going to be interesting.

    Aurcana is a nice big piggy bank.

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    • Nice little interview with Bernie Lo on CNBC Asia last night.

      You just increased the number of people that had ever heard Aurcana's name by.... say a factor of 10.

    • its called currency wars which lead to real wars,note its probably germany telling usa to reign in the japanese,who are at the moment debasing in a noncontrolled or globally agreed upon fashion.Think exports... germany and japan are HUGE car exporters and japan getting more favorable nation SLV tells nothing other than its a tool for hsbc and jp morgan to rob peter to pay paul.

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